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Hong Kong TIE Trip (2018)

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The school’s overseas trip to Hong Kong was a fun and fulfilling one. Throughout this trip, I bonded with my fellow cohort mates as well as made many memorable memories. We had a school exchange at an English-medium school where all lessons were taught in English. Our buddies were very convivial and made us felt very welcome. I was able to follow the lessons as the students’ standard of English was on par with ours. Through my school visit, I observed that the Hong Kong students had longer curriculum hours and lessons seemed to move at a very fast pace. Due to the fast-paced nature of school and life in general, Hong Kong students lead more stressful lives than we do. Even in class, everyone appeared to be very motivated and keen on their studies. As I observed the students’ behavior in class, I felt regretful for bearing negative thoughts about school and promised myself to be more focused in class.

One of my favorite places from this trip was the Hong Kong UNESCO Geopark. The hexagonal rock formations were beautiful and our guide explained to us how the different rock formations were created over time. It was a very peaceful and calming sight. As I took in the spectacle and marveled at the beauty of the surrounding nature, I felt slightly sore that we do not have such wonders in Singapore. It made me realise the importance of conservation especially in a very cosmopolitan and advanced society. While new developments bring about benefits, our green spaces are equally important too. I hope to be able to visit the Geopark on my own in the future.

Overall, my TIE trip experience was memorable and I did not regret going for it! Even though I had been to Hong Kong prior to this trip, the school’s internationalisation programme allowed me the opportunity to widen my horizons and truly observe the local practices and ways of life. I have also gotten to know new friends through this trip. Thank you Mr Goh, Mrs Ngiam and Ms Serene for making this trip so fun!
Lee Man Lok, Lucas (2E3, 2018)

On the 12th of November 2018, I went to Hong Kong for the school’s TIE trip. I had been to Hong Kong before so I was not expecting much from this trip at first. However, I was nicely surprised as I did not go to the usual tourist attractions this time round. In fact, our teachers exposed us to an itinerary which allowed us to learn more about the culture of the people in Hong Kong. We also had meaningful interactions with the local students and got to explore areas beyond the city centre.

When I visited our twinning school in Hong Kong, I was initially slightly worried. However, I realized my initial fear of being left out due to differences in language being unfounded as the Hong Kong students were very fluent in English. I got to meet new friends who were really friendly. They were very inclusive and tried not to leave me out during lessons by constantly engaging in me and showing genuine interest in what I shared with them. One of my favorite memories from the school visit was the prized experience when we got to dissect an ox’s eye. My buddies even allowed me to do the first cut. It was such a fun and interesting lesson as this was very unusual and was not something we would typically do in a Science lesson back home. Overall, I had a very educational and enjoyable experience during the school visit.

My favourite place out of the entire itinerary was the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. That place was breathtaking and I could never forget its beautiful scenery. The tour guide explained to us the different structures of the rock and why they became like that. It felt like a Geography lesson that came to life. I love that even though Hong Kong is a very dense concrete jungle which is very reminiscent of Singapore (in fact, a little more overwhelming), the government took the effort to conserve locations like the Geopark and several other nature reserves. Aside from allowing people to take in the sights and appreciate nature, I feel that the conservation efforts also allow people to take a short and necessary respite away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There was a day where we had to travel from one island to another by foot by crossing a bridge. It was about a 20km walk to and fro. Throughout the journey, my friends and teachers continued to motivate one another to keep on walking. Even though it was tiring, it was all worth it because the scenery was beautiful and I was able to foster great bonds with my friends and teachers.

All in all, I enjoyed this trip because I learnt to be more independent and meticulous as I have to be responsible and look out for myself as well as my friends. This trip has also taught me to be more open minded and receptive of new experiences.
Dian Permata Putri Binte Marzuki (2E1, 2018)