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MOE SINO-SIN 2015 Student Exchange Trip to Chengdu, PRC

The SINO-SIN Student Exchange Programme is a government to government programme fostered since 2002 to broaden the linkages between Singapore and PRC. It aims to foster international understanding, collaboration and bonding between our students and PRC students. It also aims to imbue in our students a global perspective and fresh insights on life outside their country. Zhonghua Secondary School took part in this programme in 2008, 2014 and 2015. Here are the reflections from two of our students who took part in the programme.
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I had a Mathematics class today and there were three things that I noticed. The first thing was the fact that the students are very enthusiastic. Secondly, the questions are a lot tougher than I had experienced, for example, there were application questions from realistic situations. Thirdly, the students are very supportive of each other. When a student is called to answer a question, the class will cheer very loudly for him/her. The two learning points are that I should be appreciative of Singapore’s education system and should be more spontaneous in class. I would want to be more participative in class after today’s experience.


Gladys Tan

Sec 2E4 2015


I was surprised that the students cannot bring their mobile phones to school at all, not even when they stay in the school hostel. I was also surprised that they still use chalkboards to teach during lessons, and that they study till late in the night before they can go home. Through the day’s activities I learnt that the Chinese Language is actually something that is very interesting to learn. I’ve also learnt that we should be like the Chinese students during lesson time - actively asking and answering questions, making the lesson much livelier. In addition, the paper craft cutting lesson taught me to be more patient, as without it, we would be able to create a beautiful paper craft piece.


Leong Jun Kai

Sec 2E4 2015