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Monitors' Enrichment Programme with Hush

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The Monitor Board had specially organised an enrichment programme on 30 May 2018, where monitors worked with facilitators from Hush, a Social Enterprise for the Hearing Impaired. Below are the reflections from the monitors after their visit.

Reflections from Monitors

I learnt more about sign language and people who need help in different ways. Through this programme, I learnt the importance of slowing down my pace of life and always being mindful to care for people around me. I have also learnt that if I want to be a more effective leader, I need to take time to reflect in order to serve better and also take time to care for the people around me.
Deonne Tan, 1E2

I learnt to communicate with people with hearing impairment. It was difficult but I managed to learn some basic skills so that in the future, if I encounter a hearing impaired person, I will be able to understand them. From this experience, I learnt the importance of communication and being patient towards my classmates.
Clarice Chan, 1T1

Learning sign language was both an emotional and inspiring experience. The hearing impaired facilitators projected themselves confidently, without being limited by their disability. From this experience, I learnt that the disabilities of others should be overlooked. Embracing others with disabilities is an enriching experience for me as there is much I can learn from them. I have also learnt that being empathetic is important to understand and connect with people around us.
Anders Tan, 2E3

We learnt sign language from the hearing impaired and I was really amazed at how they were able to conduct the whole session without speaking. It was interesting to see them communicating with one another and I was fascinated by the use of short forms they used to communicate amongst each other. The reflection session was beneficial for me as I realise it is very important for me to place myself in the shoes of others to understand their difficulties. Displaying empathy will help me to accept others and help them better. I have also learnt to be grateful for the use of my five senses.
Shannon, 2E1

At first, I was very excited to attend the event. However, I soon became nervous when I noticed that the people I had to interact with could not hear. I wondered how I was going to communicate with them. They were very capable with the use of sign language and taught us some simple hand gestures. I felt that the session inspired me to be a better leader as I realised that I am grateful to be able to stand up and speak for myself. We need to think positive and not let our flaws deter us. We should serve with pride, as scholars and leaders.
Jiaqian, 3T1

I was taught sign language by the friendly deaf facilitators. It was very interesting to learn a whole new form of communication and the facilitators were fun and confident despite their disability. I was also given ear plugs and told to relax and meditate on how I want to improve as a leader. It was very insightful as I had to experience what the deaf had to live with and it created a sense of empathy for the reflection activity. I will henceforth work to be more open minded and empathetic towards others as everyone deserves respect and kindness.
Margerat Feliciano, 3E2