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National Camp Reflections

The National Camp happened on 25th-27th August this year. It was a great experience for me and it was a camp with a twist. This camp taught us emergency skills such as IFAS – Press hard, tie hard and tell. IFAS was actually a first response act to be performed on injured personnel. It was also a new type of SGSecure awareness which we helped to promote during the third day of our camp.

We then learned life skills through the camp activities such as basic first aid and intermediate first aid. We experienced other uniform groups’ activities that most of us were not exposed to. For example, I learned the right ways to use the fire extinguisher during emergencies. Through the team building games, I learned to adapt and share my experiences with cadets from other uniformed groups. I also gathered that there were differences in our practices across schools.

Overall, I felt that the camp was well planned. The organisers did a fantastic job at ensuring all uniformed groups were included in all activities. Learning about Singapore more through this camp made me feel very fortunate that my Teacher Officers (Sirs) selected me for this. I would like to thank Mr Loh and my NCC teachers for allowing me to take part in this camp despite missing school for two days. After the camp, I am more determined to serve my unit and the school with pride and dedication and to contribute to Singapore.
3SG Benedict Chia (3N1)


National Camp, 25th August 2018-27th August 2018, has been a fulfilling experience for me and I have definitely learnt a lot from the various Uniformed Groups (UGs). The theme for the camp was "Readiness and Resilience", where we were taught various life skills such as basic first aid. This prepared us to provide first aid during emergency cases. We were also taught how vulnerable Singapore is as a small nation. Despite our strong ties with other countries, we must always stay vigilant. We learnt this through a game called "Game of Defence". I also got to know new friends from other schools through various group activities and ice breakers. Even though we were from different UGs, we learnt to work as a team and completed our tasks well.

After the camp, I realised how different the 9 UGs in Singapore operate. The things they practised were extremely different from my CCA (NPCC). My group also won several awards, which helped me to learn that as long as we know how to put our differences aside, we could definitely work well as a team.
Nigel Ang Hao En (3E4)