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National Youth Business Challenge 2017

Before the competition, we faced some difficulties during the making of products. For example, when making the terrariums, my friends and I had to go back to the shop and get the items we needed to complete our plastic bottled terrariums. Another example would be the lack of time for the whole team to gather in school and finish the quota of the day due to our hectic schedules in our respective CCAs and having to manage the upcoming tests. However, by persevering, we managed to complete everything that was required.  

During the competition, we initially had problems selling our products because they were not able to attract the attention of enough people. However, around lunch hour, we had more customers approaching us and buying our products. 

In spite of the growing interest from the public, we were unable to sell all our products because most people were milling around out of the designated sales zone that participants had to stay in. From this, I reflected and thought that we could perhaps put up more eye-catching banners to attract customers in the future competition. 

Despite the many challenges we faced throughout our NYBC process, our team managed to achieve a Silver Award after a few months of effort and hard work. 

I feel that this is a very memorable experience for my team and I as I have learnt the importance and usefulness of recycling. This experience allows us to use our creativity and innovation to construct items from recyclable products. We should actively practise recycling instead of throwing unwanted products indiscriminately as this may harm the environment.  

Furthermore, having teamwork in this competition is crucial as well because we can learn new skills and knowledge together and learn from other people's ideas or mistakes. I have also fostered stronger camaraderie with my group mates through this competition. Lastly, this competition taught me the importance of integrity and ethics in whatever we do. While winning is good, we should always respect the rules of the competition and ensure fair play as we compete against other schools. 

Felicia Lim Rui En, 3N1