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NRIC Presentation Ceremony 2018

The NRIC Presentation Ceremony was held on 25 Oct 2018 in the school auditorium. Before the presentation of the NRICs to the Class Chairpersons, Mrs Lim, Vice-Principal (Student Development), engaged the Secondary 3 cohort on the meaning of the ceremony and the dispositions of a citizen.

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Here are some of the students' reflections on the recent NRIC Presentation Ceremony.

I have been really thankful and proud to be born in Singapore, a Metropolitan city. I started to appreciate Singapore more as I was growing up. Singapore has a clean environment for us to live in and we are protected by the military. Singapore also provided us with an outstanding educational system that ensured that I have the knowledge, skills and values that I will need as a working adult in the future. The ceremony today has made me realise the importance of what my NRIC represents and the responsibility that comes with it.
Muhammad Dinie B Muhammad J (3T1)

The ceremony today made me realise that we all play a part in preserving what is unique to us - our culture, languages, values and aspirations. As a Singaporean, I strongly believe that these are what shape us as a citizen. Hence, we should all play a part to preserve what we have and make Singapore a better place for us to live in. Our ancestors have done so much to build Singapore into what it is today. We have proven that a small country can outdo others’ expectations and physical deprivations, and we can do so, again and again as long as we all play a part. This ceremony has taught me that we all need to contribute to ensure Singapore achieves greater heights.
Ong Hui Yun, Melinda (3N1)

As a Singapore citizen, I feel that what is important is having a legal status and a sense of belonging in Singapore. The ceremony taught me that I should be proud to be a Singapore citizen and fulfil my responsibilities as a citizen. I should also be grateful and appreciate what our forefathers did for us to make Singapore a better place for us to live in. I also learnt that I can contribute to our society to make Singapore a safer and better country to live in.
Celine Chin (3N2)

For me, being a Singaporean citizen means two things. Firstly, it means to be proud of being a Singaporean. We should not be just a Singapore citizen by law. We should also work for the good of Singapore and keep Singapore in our minds in whatever we do. Not only must we have a loving spirit towards Singapore, we must also be willing to identify ourselves as Singaporeans. Secondly, it is to act in ways that would be good for our society. For example, during NDP, we show our love towards Singapore by watching the parade, but end up leaving litter behind. To do what would be good for our country would be to clean up after ourselves. We should strive to be a good individual and active citizen of Singapore. The NRIC ceremony is significant as it signifies a huge milestone between two different stages of life, adolescent and adulthood, and also reminds us that we are now part of Singapore and its society and we must be willing to help Singapore succeed and bring Singapore to greater heights. It also reminds us that we are now adults and we should be sensible and mature in our way of thinking. It also an indication that we will be handling a lot more responsibilities and duties that comes with being a Singapore like serving 2 years as National Service Full-time (NSF). This is just one of the ways the males, like myself, prove our love for Singapore and our willingness to defend Singapore.
Bryan Loh Jun Ying (3E4)