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Open Mic (Feb 2020)

Through my very first Open Mic experience, I have learnt to appreciate music even more as I conscientiously took note to express the emotions and meaning behind the performance piece. To me, music communicates these deeper layers, instead of just plain notes or words. This experience has also taught me the importance of building greater self-confidence, as it was one huge leap for me in overcoming stage fright which I have been facing since young. All in all, I have come to recognise that new opportunities always seem to teach you something unexpected along the way, and we should remain open towards trying out new things to keep our lives more fruitful.
See Yi Yew Nathan, 2E3    

Firstly, I was so glad to be given the opportunity to pick a song of my choice for the performance. While I had taken part in Open Mic previously, this was my first time performing and singing solo, hence I wanted to make it a song I could resonate well with. During the performance, waves of nervousness, excitement and a multitude of other emotions poured through me at the same time. But when the final note ended, all I felt was a sweet sense of happiness upon the performance’s success! More importantly, I was filled with deep gratitude towards my father who supported me throughout my practices, as well as my music teacher, Mr Chan who helped me improve on my annotations and gave me useful performance tips. This Open Mic experience is definitely one part of my Zhonghua journey that I would never forget.
Thierry Yeo Kai De, 3E2    

Although I have taken part in Open Mic multiple times over my 2+ years in Zhonghua, this time was a particularly special one since it was my first solo. At first I was supposed to perform together with a friend, but unfortunately she fell sick just before the performance day. Even though initially I was very hesitant to perform solo, especially when things took a turn so last minute, I finally agreed to it under the warm encouragement from my teachers and friends. The entire Open Mic experience was scary as much as it was exciting. Since I sang completely on my own, I became fully aware of the fact that which way the performance turns out depended solely upon my effort. I am most thankful that it went on smoothly in the end. Among the many lessons I have learnt through this experience, the most important one has to be about adaptability – not only as a performer, but also in response to any changing circumstances in the future. By shifting perspective and trying something new, the end result might take us by surprise in positive ways. I can now say that if given another chance, I would love to perform another solo.
Ng Shern Tien Shawn, 3E4