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Reflections for Secondary 1 Orientation Programme 2016

The Secondary 1 students went through an Orientation Programme on 7 and 8 January 2016 to introduce them to various aspects of secondary school life and to foster class spirit and camaraderie. 

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Here are some of the reflections by the Secondary 1 students:


When I was blindfolded during a game we played during Orientation, I couldn’t see anything and started to panic. However, my partner carefully guided me through the game. I’ve learnt that I must trust my friends, classmates and group mates when we work on a task so that we can achieve our final outcome.


Elena Yee

Secondary 1E1 2016



Through the Life Skills Workshop, I’ve learnt that it is important to manage my time to maximize my experiences as well as better understand my learning style. I believe that if I can better manage my time and apply better studying techniques, these will aid me in learning and understanding and help me to ultimately achieve good results.


Chang Chia Yu

Secondary 1E2 2016



I have learnt that it is important to be nice to other people if you want them to treat you with respect. I also learn that it is essential to be humble, responsible and honest and that I should show care and concern to those who need my help.


Eris Choong

Secondary 1N2 2016



Other than being trusting of my teammates when we work together, it is important that a few of us can take the initiative to lead and take charge if we want to make progress as a whole.


Regine Sim

Secondary 1N1 2016



I learnt that I must always try my best and not give up even if things go bad in the midst of trying.


Jolene Tan

Secondary 1T1 2016



I learnt that everything is possible and one can make a difference if he tries. If I have a dream, I will be daring to chase it so that I can make it happen. I also learnt from my seniors that I should care for my future juniors and help them feel at ease when they’re in a new environment.


Darius Poh

Secondary 1T1 2016