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Release of 2015 GCE N-Level Results (17 Dec 2015)

Zhonghua Secondary School is very proud of our 4 Normal Academic Class of 2015. They did very well in their GCE N-Level Examinations. They produced the best results amongst Singapore schools in terms of their mean EMB3 aggregate and value-added performance.

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Here are two reflections about their outstanding attainment in their GCE N-Level Examinations:


Undoubtedly, good time management played a huge part in helping me achieve my results. I started preparing for my N-Level Examination early and that helped to ease the burden. It was also by grace that I managed to receive such results as I never expected to do this well for my GCE N-Levels. I also had a lot of help and support along the way. My teachers set aside time after school to guide me and my friends believed in me. In addition, my family never pressurised me to do extremely well thus I didn’t feel stressed out or burdened by any expectations. Nevertheless, I did my best and achieved the best results I could.


Faith Gan Ting Fang

Secondary 5N1 2016


I would like thank the school for the patient teachers who guided us for many years. They were crucial in our achievement of such remarkable results. Our teachers sacrificed their time after school just so that we were able to consult them and better understand the concepts taught. This outstanding result was made possible by the hardworking and patient teachers as well as the kind-hearted classmates who helped us whenever we needed it.


Brendan Lee Chuan Le

Secondary 5N1 2016