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Release of GCE O-Level Results 2016

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The fans in the hall turned and blasted at the many people who had once again gathered in this very hall on this very important day. Despite the wind, the air seemed especially heavy, weighing down on our hearts. From where I was seated, I could observe the anticipation in some, and fear in others; but for majority of the students, it was a mixture of both. Students were noticeably chattering animatedly among themselves - some were in deep discussion of the scores they were hoping to achieve, others were simply engrossed in catching up with friends. Overall, the mood was sombre. It was that point in time when their deeply buried fears emerged.


On that very same day, I was also collecting my GCE O-Level Express Chinese results for the very first time. Although I was collecting my results that day, I was unafraid. My woozy state of mind had numbed all the nerves I felt that particular day. With that said, I was and still am glad that I have managed to secure a satisfactory result. Apart from consistency and hard work, I am grateful to my devoted teachers who have guided me along the way. 


To the many seniors who have gotten their results, I genuinely wish that each and every one of you has achieved a score that is satisfactory. I hope that you will continue to do well in the next stage of life, which without a doubt will be more rigorous and tiring, but at the same time, more fulfilling and enjoyable. For those who did not achieve their desirable scores, I hope you don't lose faith and continue to press on.


Ang Kai Jun

Sec 4E3 2016

Talent Management Programme

[Note: We would like to congratulate our senior students of the Class of 2015 who have performed very well at the GCE-O (Express) and GCE-N Examinations with high value-added academic results !]