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Scouts Chief Commissioner's Award 2018

The Chief Commissioner's Award is the highest achievement a Scout can attain in their scouting journey at the secondary level. This award is a testimony of a Scout's good character and values. During this journey, they have to set their own learning goals and meet them through self-education and support from their Unit Leaders and peers.

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Reflections by Awardees:

During the process of attaining this award, I learnt the importance of resilience. Being the first batch of scouts on the new scheme, I had to adapt quickly to the new changes. I had to start from the bottom - from the scout badge to the voyager award. I also learnt how to manage my time properly as I had a lot to do, as this new scheme places heavier emphasis on self-reflection and self-improvement. I had to manage my school work and at the same time manage the requirements for my Chief Commissioner’s Award. A lot of time was spent thinking about the activities I have taken part in and reflecting on them. I also learnt leadership and communication skills throughout the process of attaining this award. For example, some of the components include mentoring my juniors or organising activities. These gave me the opportunity to lead my troop and at the same time, build my self-confidence. I had to learn to work with people I just met as during the interview segment of the Chief Commissioner’s Award, we were tasked to come up with a presentation about a problem Singapore is facing and how we, as scouts, can improve the situation. We were given very little time to prepare hence, communication was key in order to complete the task in time. The process of attaining this award has nurtured many different skill sets and values for which I am thankful for.
Tang Chee Yung, Keith (4E4) 

In the process of attaining this award, I learnt the importance of not giving up on things I want. The support from my friends, family and teachers enable me to persevere on. I also learnt how to be more meticulous and better manage my time as I needed to juggle more commitments such as my studies, spending time with my family and friends and having some time for myself. All in all, I learnt that if I truly want something, I have to do everything I can in order to get it so that my goals and dreams will not just remain as daydreams but will become reality.
Voon Kai Ning, Edda (4E4)