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Sec 1 AEP Learning Journey @ National Gallery Singapore Wu Guanzhong : Beauty Beyond Form  (19 Jan 2016)

The Secondary-1 Art Elective Programme (AEP) students visited the National Gallery Singapore to view the artworks by Wu Guanzhong, a prominent Chinese painter who was influenced by both Western and Chinese painting styles. This Learning Journey allowed the students to experience their very first gallery visit with the AEP program, as well as to study how the artist had used dots, lines, dashes and strokes to create contemplative pieces of painting. This learning journey allowed them to enjoy learning outside the classroom. The students had a great time looking at the original works and are looking forward to their next Learning Journey!

ZHSS S1 AEP LJ @ NGS 2015 Composite.jpg

Here are some of their thoughts after the Visit.

This was my first proper experience in a gallery, so it was really interesting to see original artworks. I rarely go to any art gallery to look at artworks. This round,  I thoroughly appreciated the art pieces with full concentration. I have learnt more about the profile of the artist Wu Guanzhong and how he created his art form.

Jiang Chenxi

Secondary 1E1 2016


I was amazed when I viewed Wu Guanzhong’s artworks. They were beautiful and I like the way he used the paint. He was really thorough when he painted the intricate details in the background. I learnt that he was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century and was proficient in both Chinese and Western art. I look forward to seeing more original artists’ works in the future! 

Yu Qian Qian

Secondary 1E1 2016


It was very nice to walk through all the beautiful paintings on the wall and read their descriptions. The art gave me a sense of calmness.

Wang YiQiang, Ely

Secondary 1E1 2016


I learnt I can use black and white colours and create an art work by using lines, splats and dabbing.

Ng Jing Xuan, Verlynn

Secondary 1E1 2016