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Secondary 1 AEP students (2016) in Art @ Mount Alvernia

As a not-for-profit hospital founded on Christian values, the initiative to engage in social worthy projects goes back to Mount Alvernia Hospital’s heritage and legacy of community outreach and service. We are very fortunate to have the students from Zhonghua Secondary school contributing the artworks to our hospital. It represents a good opportunity for the students to share their works with the public and at the same time, it lifts the ambience in the hospital where our patients are looking forward to getting better and heading home.

Mr Goh Hock Soon, Director, Corporate Development Division. 

In collaboration with Mount Alvernia through the Art @ Mount Alvernia Programme, 30 students from the Secondary 1 Art Elective Program (AEP) created their original paintings for the hospital’s Pediatric ward. In all, the students worked in pairs and produced 15 acrylic paintings of 59.4 x 84.1 cm size. The Art @ Mount Alvernia Programme has allowed students to hone their creativity and also contribute to the community at the same time.

AEP 2016.jpg

Reflections from Students

We liked how we could freely create an art piece and were allowed to come up with our own ideas. It was the first time we painted on such a large surface. That was challenging because we had to add more details in our art piece. I also had to learn how to use acrylic paint on canvas. Throughout this project, we learnt how to work together as a team using our different art styles to create an art piece. We also learnt how to articulate our ideas and eventually conceptualise these ideas through our art work. 

Khoo Zi Qi and Lera Lim, 1E1 (2016)

We enjoyed mixing paint and learning new skills and techniques. Even though it was a daunting experience and we felt the pressure to paint well for the hospital, we have gained invaluable experience. We are glad to have co-constructed a piece of art work that we are proud of. Although it was a tiring process, the satisfaction of seeing a blank canvas becoming a finished work was worth it. 

Lee Ying Jun and Quek Jing Yuan, 1E1 (2016)

It was fun to work with my classmate. What we found challenging was when our painting initially did not come out the way we wanted. We also had to find time to paint and discuss our concepts which was stressful at times. However, we still found it enjoyable and fun. We learnt many things through this project, such as teamwork and how we have to work together and discuss our ideas. We also learnt how to merge two very different styles into one painting to bring out the uniqueness in our work. 

Bridget Koh and Rachel Low, 1E1 (2016)