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Secondary 2 AEP Docent Programme with Xinghua Primary School

Students in the Art Elective Programme (AEP) are not only trained in creating and writing about art, they are also encouraged to be ambassadors of art. Through the Docent Programme, the Secondary 2 AEP students learnt how to use guiding questions to discuss artworks with the students from Xinghua Primary School. They also planned an interactive activity called ‘Photography Bingo’ which made learning fun for their juniors. After the programme, they reflected on what they have learnt through their Photography and the Study of Visual Arts (SOVA) modules. 

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Here are some of their reflections: 

We learnt how our teachers feel when they guide us! We had to explain our own artwork to younger students. This is a skill that would help us when doing SOVA. While guiding the students through ‘Photography Bingo’, we also learnt to observe the surroundings closely. Through this programme, we were also able to practise the photography skills we learnt during our photography module, gain confidence, leadership skills, public speaking skills, improve our communication and develop patience.  

Bridget, Zi Qi, Ethan, Qian Qian and Yi Zhen  

Initially, it was awkward for us as the Xinghua Primary School students were very shy and hesitant to talk to us. We asked them a lot of questions to break the ice but we felt that the ice was only truly broken during the ‘Photography Bingo’ game, when we had to guide them on how they could improve on their concepts. During this game, they willingly turned to us for advice, and that was when the two-way interaction begun. Overall, it was a new and thrilling experience for all of us as it was our first time playing host and passing on our knowledge to those younger than us.  

Rachel, Jing Yuan, Ying Jun, Jacob, Janthina and Chenxi.  

Before meeting the Xinghua Primary students, we had to discuss our own photography artwork. This helped us to recapitulate what we learnt in Term 1. We also learnt how to communicate with the primary school students. Interacting with them was fun and we got to know each of them better. Through this experience, we learnt how to lead as a group and build bonds with people whom we might not be familiar with.  

Joshua, Shaun, Jasper, Rou Tong, Qamelia and Natasha