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Secondary One Orientation Camp 2018

Sec 1 Orienttaton Camp Composite 2018.jpg

I enjoyed the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp immensely. The seniors who were there to facilitate the camp were really friendly and approachable. It made me feel very welcome and at ease in the new environment that I was in. I also felt excited at the prospect of being able to get to know more people through the fun-filled activities. I enjoyed the mass dance most of all as we were able to pick up some dancing skills. Even though we were unable to dance as sleekly as our seniors, I shared a lot of laughs with my newfound friends as we realised it was great fun to dance and enjoy each other’s company. I was definitely more open-minded to step forward and meet new people. 

Another activity that was memorable was the class cheer. I was delighted to know that my class was very cooperative and participated in the cheer enthusiastically. These activities helped us strengthen our bond and I was really happy with my overall camp experience! I learnt a variety of useful skills and lessons through interacting with my peers. I learnt that winning is not everything. Through working together as a team and bonding through fun play, I realised that being able to work as a team allows us to work more efficiently. I also realised what my strengths are through the activities and how I can better contribute to the class.

Ducro Ian Gerard, 1E1

I had a great experience at the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp. Our facilitators who were also our seniors were very friendly and humorous.  I got to know more people in my class through the activities that were carried out in and out of the classrooms. I enjoyed creating the class cheer with my class and felt very united as my friends and I cheered out loud to the whole cohort. I also enjoyed several games that my seniors had prepared for us. Through the activities, I learnt that if we communicate tactfully and listen to our peers, we can complete our tasks more efficiently and be good team players. 

Chang Rui Zhe, 1N2

At first, I felt nervous as this would be my first time communicating with my peers. However, as the camp progressed, I was elated that the Orientation Camp had allowed me to know more people. I enjoyed the ice-breaker activity as I got to learn personal details of new classmates. I also enjoyed creating a class cheer and cheering to Zhonghua’s school cheer. I really felt amazed by the school’s spirit. Through the various activities, I learnt that my classmates had many interesting and creative ideas. I realised that it is important to be a good listener as only then we can work on these good ideas to better the class’ environment. If we are united as a class, I am confident that we are able to overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Mikaail Bin Nor Nizar, 1N1