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The `Future of Us’ Exhibition

Event: The `Future of Us’  Exhibition

Date : 8th March 2016

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On 8th March 2016, our 3N1 and 3T1 students attended the `Future of Us’ Exhibition. They were accompanied by teachers, namely, Mr Seah Kim Weng, Miss Estee Teo, Mr Zafir and Miss Charissa Lee. The objectives of the learning journey were to allow students to take a step into the past, see what Singapore was like and how our nation has overcome its challenges to enjoy what we have today. The students also caught a glimpse of what the future may be like in the next 50 years. To ensure that Singapore remains a liveable city, our young ones will have to innovate and come up with creative ideas to forge a future for us all. Below are some excerpts of the students’ reflections:


Learning from the past: What can we learn from our pioneers who have helped to build Singapore?


“We learn to always lend a helping hand and be the first voice that inspires actions from people. We also learn not to repeat past mistakes.” – Gerson Tham, 3N1


“We learn not to give up easily and work harder, just like our pioneers who faced problems when they helped to build Singapore. They never stopped trying or gave up. They worked harder and these attitudes led them to success.” – Ariel Wang, 3N1


“We learn the importance of care and integrity because we should help out and care for people in need. In this way, we can live peacefully and harmoniously together so that Singapore remains a united nation. We should persevere to overcome all the obstacles that we face now and not give up easily because most problems can be solved. We must overcome all odds to make Singapore a better place.”– Shirley Ser, 3T1


Select an innovation that impressed you in the exhibition. What issue was it trying to address?


“The innovation that impressed me most is the vacuum train. The trains in Singapore are mostly operated underground or on overhead train rails. The vacuum train can reduce the rate at which MRT breaks down due to heavy rainfall. Apart from that, accidents that typically occur due to the gaps between the trains and platforms can be minimised.” – Denise Tok, 3N1


“Our defence unit (SAF) – I am impressed that the government is using a lot of money for our country’s defence. Technological advancement makes things easier for future SAF soldiers during combat.” – Tan Yong Hao, 3N1


“I’m excited by the prospect of having a sky garden. It is very unique to have a garden that is situated above ground level. Apart from being surrounded by the luscious greenery, one can have a panoramic view of the city in the sky garden. This garden will definitely allow people from all walks of life to come together to enjoy and admire the picturesque sight.” – Shirley Ser, 3T1


Do you have any innovative ideas to make Singapore a better place for all?


“Have solar panels on HDB blocks to help generate electricity and conserve energy.” – Lee Jing Han, 3N1


“I hope Singapore can evolve into a country with more greenery like the images shown in the theatre. Living in an environment that is a combination of the city and nature would make Singapore a better place for all as the urbanites can seek peace in these tranquil places.” – Ariel Wang, 3N1


“Reducing private cars and having a more efficient public transportation system can reduce carbon emissions.” – Lee Se Ming