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The Humanities Scholarship Tea Session

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The Humanities Scholarship Tea Session was an eye-opener and a golden opportunity for us to clarify doubts and see where our passion for the arts and humanities would lead us. The programme started off with a sharing session by acclaimed individuals who have graduated under the scholarship and are currently pursuing their interests in the arts and honing their abilities in humanities-related fields. The sharing session allowed me to understand what the scholarship offers and how I can benefit under it. As the speakers shared their personal experiences, motivations and interests, many of us found ourselves able to relate to their passion and desire to learn.  

Schools offering the programme were invited to set out booths at NJC for us to better understand and gain insight into the Humanities programme offered in the different HSP centres. While the difference between the programmes offered in the various centres was stark, at the core of these programmes was the common goal of cultivating values-driven leaders who possess critical thinking skills and social intelligence that are much needed in the world today.  

Personally, I am even more convinced after the tea session to further pursue my interest in both History and Literature at the next level. Even though it may be challenging and an uphill battle, I believe there is nothing that a genuine drive to pursue my passion cannot overcome. As the programme so poetically and accurately put it, “in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world the pursuit of the Humanities makes a difference.” 

Stacy Lee, 4E1  

Through this tea session, we have learnt how crucial humanities and social sciences are in our everyday lives. We were enlightened on how humanities as a subject can foster social justice and equality among students and sharpen our critical thinking and reading skills. The panellists who presented during this tea session were informative and demonstrated how humanities has shaped them into informed and critical individuals, and thus also highly successful people. I truly appreciate having the opportunity to take part in this tea session.   

Angellet Soh, 4E3  

It was a very enriching experience where we learned about the importance of the social sciences and how the knowledge acquired can be applied to our everyday life. 

Zane Chan, 4E3