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The Writer's Makeover 2018

Sec 2 TDP Students at The Writer's Makeover 2018


On 26 May, 10 Talent Development Programme (TDP) students from the Secondary Two level participated in The Writer’s Makeover 2018 where they attended two workshops on writing expository essays. During the workshops held at the National Library of Singapore, they learnt about the techniques of writing an intriguing introduction and an appropriate and convincing content. It was also an enriching session as they were given the opportunity to interact with participants from other schools and work together in a hands-on writing session.


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Here are some of the reflections by the student participants:


I really enjoyed today's workshop and had many takeaways from it. One of which will be that I learnt that there are actually many ways to write an introduction. Other than the examples the school provides, we can also use ways such as posting a question, stating an interesting fact or recent discovery, having a primary setting, recounting an incident, using humour and offering a contrast of the past and present or image and reality. These ways are really useful for me as I often only memorise the examples given, which I have to admit, is very tough and I cannot really twist and turn these examples quite well to suit the type of discursive essay I am writing. Thus, with so many new ways, I can now find the best way that suits me. Besides, I also personally feel that these ways will definitely interest the readers as well. Secondly, I also learnt how to write a better introduction paragraph. We learnt how to brainstorm before writing the essay which I thought was very useful for me as I often get stuck when writing my discursive essays due to not planning beforehand. Besides, we also had a group work practice on writing a body paragraph. Through the practice, I actually learnt a lot from my groupmates on how they elaborate their body paragraphs. This is definitely helpful as I am weak at this area.


Kermaine Lim

2E2 2018


I learnt the different ways to write an introduction. For example, by posing a question, or describing the primary setting of the essay, or offering contrast between past and present. I also learnt that an expository essay comprises of our feelings and perspectives. We can establish our stand by elaborating, explaining and giving examples.


Seah Shi Ying

2E4 2018


Attended by:

2E1 Isaac Kok

2E2 Stacy Seah

2E1 Pang Er Kang

2E3 Wenni Liau

2E2 Catedral Andrea

2E3 Yit Shen Yu

2E2 Keegan Gan

2E4 Ryan Ng

2E2 Kermaine Lim

2E4 Seah Shi Ying

Led by: Mdm Poh Li Pin