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Thong Chai Charity Performance

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Recently, Thong Chai Medical Institution celebrated their 150th anniversary. Thong Chai Medical Institution is one of the most recognisable and remarkable organisations in Singapore as it is renowned for providing medical aid to those in need. This gala dinner was held at the Marina Bay Sands Ballroom and there were many prominent guests such as the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, and also the Chairman and relevant personnel of Thong Chai Medical Institution.

Our Dance club was one of the performing acts for this gala dinner. We performed our Singapore Youth Festival’s item, titled 向前进 (Moving Forward).

In preparation for the gala dinner, we had to rehearse for numerous days. Even though we led very hectic schedules and had to manage our studies, we persevered as we wanted to dance to the best of our abilities and make our school proud.

One challenge we faced was having to manage our routine on the stage. Compared to our school hall, the stage at the venue was a lot smaller. Hence, we had to adjust our dance routine so that we could perform on stage. We had to memorise our new choreography in a short time. Even though the preparation was very tiring, the members of our Dance Club faced these challenges with a very positive attitude. Thankfully, we were able to overcome our challenges very quickly.

We managed to put up a performance that we were delighted to call our own. Even though we had some setbacks throughout this journey, our spirit remains high. Most importantly, we learn that even though our performance may not be consistently the best, we should not be defeated and we should always put in our best effort for the next performance. I am also very elated that the Dance Club is able to strengthen our teamwork with each performance. This is truly a memorable experience for all of us.

Benedict Lim, Vice-President (Dance), 3N2

Before the performance, we had numerous practices and many seniors stayed back with us just to practise with us. It was truly amazing how we managed to master three songs in half a year. I definitely went through many obstacles during this journey.

After the performance, I was really proud of myself and my section, as we managed to play the songs without much of a hitch.

I remembered that I had to stay back many days after school to specially practise for this charity gala. The seniors were very patient as they taught us how to play the songs. Even though we kept committing many mistakes during our practices, our seniors were always very encouraging and nurturing. Under their guidance, we were very motivated and continued to persist. During the extra practices, we also had the opportunity to bond and get to know our seniors on a more personal level.

The quote – the fastest way might not be the best way to succeed – resonated with me deeply. Through my experience, I have learnt that we should not complete our tasks speedily. We should always bear the purpose in mind and put in our best effort to complete every task assigned to us. This way, we will be able to make personal growth and improve our skills.

Before the performance, I felt very nervous. However, with the encouragement from my peers and my teachers, all of us were determined to not let our nerves get to us. I am proud that we were able to put up a spectacular performance during the gala dinner and do our school proud. Our effort had most definitely paid off.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my seniors for taking time after school to stay back with us and teach us how to play the songs. Even though they had very hectic schedules, they were very kind and thoughtful. I am very proud of the team spirit that we have in Chinese Orchestra and I aspire to be a role model to my juniors in the near future.

Seah Shi Ying, Member (Chinese Orchestra), 1E4