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TIE 2015 Qiandaohu (Hangzhou), China

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Last year during November, I went on a trip to Hangzhou, Qiandaohu with about 20 other schoolmates. The educational trip lasted a total of 5 days and during that time, we thoroughly explored Qiandaohu.

The first day was rather uneventful. After a 5-hour flight from Singapore to Shanghai, we took a bus and headed to Hangzhou. In the bus, minutes felt like hours, and sometimes we would stop by at rest areas to grab a bite or to visit the washroom. After a long time, we finally arrived at our hotel. We checked into our rooms, and right afterwards, all of us went to sleep.

Subsequently, we went to many different places of interest, and one of them was the Longjing Tea Plantation. What I learnt there had really intrigued me and I was surprised to hear of the countless benefits of drinking tea. We also had a chance to purchase tea leaves as souvenirs.

We visited our partner school which was very near our hotel. When I got there and met the local students, I was pleasantly surprised. The local students there were much more responsive and enthusiastic, compared to the typical Singaporean students. They were all very smart and even though they are younger than I am. Schools in China are generally also much bigger than what we have in Singapore, to the extent that their canteen is a building on its own. At the school, I was welcomed with open arms and when we had to choose buddies, four Chinese students flocked to me at once.

Last but not least, the highlight of the trip was a horror-themed park. It is similar to Halloween Horror Nights that we have in Singapore, but instead of using people to scare, they only use animatronics. We had an awful lot of fun, laughing at each other getting scared and watching theatrical performances, and to me, that was the most fun part of the trip. 

Toh Hao Yi
Secondary 2E2 2015


Through this Hangzhou-Qiandaohu Exchange Programme, I got to learn more about China’s rich history and their culture. Visiting the local school there also allowed me to experience how it is like to be studying in China and find out the difference between the schools there and Singapore’s schools, such as the study environment. I also observed that the students there are much disciplined and resilient as they are able to assemble quickly and orderly with minimal teacher’s supervision at their designated venues for their morning exercise. All of them were doing the exercises diligently and were also not complaining about it. I hope that we can all learn from the students there to be more self-disciplined and participate more actively in activities organised by the school.

This trip had also made me more responsible as I had to take charge of my own personal belongings. It is different from travelling abroad with my own family as my partner and I have to constantly check if any of us left anything behind. We also had to make sure that we woke up on time and got ready to leave at the given timings. Now, I have learnt how to take charge of my own things without constant reminders.

This trip is special to me as I got to travel overseas with my friends to experience Qiandaohu and it just might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. In the future if I ever get a chance to go on an immersion trip, I will definitely go as I get to make new friends and learn new things.  

Khoo Yiting, Dilys
Secondary 2E2 2015