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Tien Feng’s Reflection on the Humanities

Hi Juniors!


I'm one of your seniors from Victoria Junior College and I'm currently studying in the Arts stream. I know that most people prefer the Science stream but sometimes, the well-trodden path may not be the right direction for some. I have chosen the Arts stream because I feel that although choosing the Science stream may offer me more job opportunities in the future, I would never feel happy studying Science for two years. The GCE ‘A’ Levels is a different ball game - you can no longer rely on pure memorizing and studying and you certainly require a certain degree of passion. Until today, I've never regretted choosing the Arts path - the interest and passion I have in the Humanities outweigh any challenges I face along the way. In fact, I feel really relieved that I don't have to force myself to study something I know I would not pursue a career in, like Chemistry or Biology.

My Key Take-away on the Tea Session with the MOE Deputy Director (Humanities) and my Experience while I was in ZHSS

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I was offered the rare opportunity to attend the Humanities Scholarship tea session organised by MOE for secondary school students. In spite of the looming presence of Preliminary Examinations, I am grateful to be given this golden opportunity to attend the tea session. Through the tea session, I learned more about the scholarship and its requirements. I listened to alumni and past scholars talk about their experience as recipients of the scholarship, and gained a greater appreciation of the Arts because the tea session showed me how important the Arts means to Singapore. The tea session allowed me to make an informed choice regarding scholarships as more details were shared during the session. I also liked going through the experience of socialising with other students. In fact, one reason why I chose the Humanities Scholarship was because, I had more knowledge about it compared to other scholarships. The tea session has also motivated me to study harder so that I would be able to apply for it after my GCE ‘O’ Levels.  

Zhonghua allowed me to explore and deepen my academic interests.  The curriculum in Secondary 1 and 2 enabled me to try out multiple subjects, and gave me multiple opportunities to discover my real interests. Through various field trips and projects for subjects such as Social Studies and Geography, I had most definitely gained more new perspectives of the world. 

Teachers are also instrumental in developing my passion for the Arts. All the teachers in Zhonghua are extremely dedicated. They had always kindly taken up their time when I sought their advice and counsels. With their encouragement, I become braver in the pursuit of my interest.  

So juniors, a wise man once said, “Be brave to travel the unknown path, and learn what you are capable of.”  I hope that one day, you will make the brave choice to pursue what you truly want. 

Pang Tien Feng

Zhonguarian from  2011 – 2014

Victoria Junior College 2015 – 2016

Current recipient of the Humanities Scholarship, Ministry of Education 

*Tien Feng is the student who is on the extreme left of the photograph.