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The Total Defence Day programme was highly memorable. Starting with the assembly programme, I was given the chance to emcee the event and I got to watch the live skit from backstage. It was quite an experience for me since I really hate public speaking, but because I had to read off the programme slides for the presentation, I got to learn many interesting new facts about total defence that I did not know of before.


Besides that, the skit was interactive and amazing, and the storyline behind it really gives us a timely reminder that each of us has a part to play in defending our nation. We must defend Singapore ourselves, especially in these troubled times when countries are so often under the threat of terrorism. We may be proud to be living in such a harmonious, safe and stable society here in Singapore, but we shouldn't be complacent about it. We cannot afford to jeopardise this peace we enjoy today because of negligence. All of us have to stay vigilant; all of us have a part to play.


Brillionne, 4e4




We watched a skit during Assembly and experienced a mock "black market” where the food stalls were only selling porridge with sweet potato and also plain water. Tables were set up in front of the vending machine where we can purchase snacks and sweet drinks at much higher prices than usual. From this, I have learnt to empathise with the people who experienced hardship during wartimes and also to be thankful and appreciate what I have now.

Elyse Lim, 3e2





While designing my Total Defence Day postcards, I learnt about the different pillars of defence and national values. For Military Defence, I learnt that the soldiers need to be strong and be proud of the nation so that they have the drive to protect our country. As for Civil Defence, I learnt that taking care of your friends, family and the people around you in times of crisis is important. For Economic Defence, I learnt that working and saving up to achieve a better life for the family will always be needed. For Social Defence, I learnt that living with other races in harmony will be enable us to understand their culture and traditions.

Celest Tan, 2N2