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Work Experience Programme - Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit 2015

The above annual event was held in November 2015 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore for top corporate leaders from all over the world to exchange business ideas and facilitate collaboration. A group of four specially handpicked students from the Elements of Business Skills course were privileged to be given a chance to hone their hospitality and customer service skills in an authentic business environment.

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Here is the group’s reflection of their 4-day working experience at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel:


Besides grooming and attire, we learnt that communication and teamwork is key to working efficiently and getting things done to customers’ satisfaction. That has always been the hallmark of Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s highly-acclaimed customer-oriented service. It was a huge summit with thousands of business delegates. We were tasked to serve drinks to guest in the different venues like the atrium, ballroom and function rooms. We discovered that drinks should not be poured to the brim as they might spill or overflow. Multitasking and listening were important skills as we needed to be accurate and fast in meeting the needs of the guests. Another important skill which we developed was our greeting approach. We had to maintain our friendly faces in our communications despite the stress of handling the huge crowd.


 All in all, it was a fruitful experience and the skills we have learnt will put us in good stead when we pursue our business courses at tertiary institutes in the next stage of our academic development.


Lee Mi Hean, So Hong Xiang, Lee Jia Jun and Marcus Liau Dang Jian

Sec 3T 2015