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World Water Day

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On 5th March, I visited the World Water Day 2017 Celebration at Marina Barrage with my juniors. My experience was a fun-filled and meaningful one. We watched the Opening Ceremony which was graced with the presence of the Guest of Honour, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Teo Chee Hean who gave a meaningful opening address.

Together with two of my juniors, we went around visiting the booths at the carnival. These booths were set up by the various schools and organisations. We took part in various activities at the booths. I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge on conserving water. 
I have learnt that we can conserve water by taking shorter showers, using a bowl of water to wash vegetables and fruits, using a mug to brush our teeth and other ways. Through these efforts, we get to save up to 52.5 litres of water daily! Hence, we should start playing a bigger role in conserving our precious water resources.


Many tips that I have learnt through the event can be applied to my daily life. We can do our utmost to stop water wastage and continue to encourage all our other family members and friends to do the same. In addition, I will cease and prevent water wastage whenever I can and be even more responsible in using water in future.


As citizens of Singapore, we should be responsible of our water usage and start to do our part in conserving our precious limited water supply. We should not be ignorant of water wastage that occurs around us. I will share with and educate my peers to play their part in conserving water.


I was thrilled with the event and was definitely excited to try out all the booths that were on display. I certainly had a wonderful time and opportunity to participate and be a part of 
World Water Day 2017.



I felt that the World Water Day 2017 Celebration at Marina Barrage was very exciting. I took part in the walk from Marina Bay East to Marina Barrage with my peers. The Walk for Water event mirrors the distance people from developing countries need to walk daily to access clean water. People from all walks of life took part in the walk and the distance covered was fortunately manageable. From this event, I learnt that every single drop of water counts and we need to be responsible to save water to protect our environment. 




Participating in the World Water Day 2017 Celebration at Marina Barrage has taught me not to take clean and fresh water supply for granted. Clean and fresh water is easily accessible to us in Singapore.


I’ve learnt various ways to conserve water. They are:

  1. Use a washing machine with four water ticks;

  2. Take a shower in 5 min;

  3. When you brush your teeth, fill the cup with water instead of keeping the tap on.


From this event, I learnt that every drop of water counts and we need to be responsible water users by saving water and caring more for the environment.



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