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Youth Trailblazers Competition 2018

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The Prudential’s Young Trailblazers is a competition that challenges participants to utilise their innovation and entrepreneurial skills to come up with business ideas that are marketable and useful in this advanced, fast-paced and complex society. Three teams of student-leaders took part in the competition and one of the teams made it to the finals, which was held on 7th July 2018. Below are the reflections of students who made it to the finals of the competition.

Through this competition, my group faced many ups and downs. Our biggest challenge was our time management skills. It was hard to find a common time to work on project together due to our conflicting schedules. Fortunately, we were able to cooperate well by allocating tasks to each member to work on her own time before meeting up to consolidate our work.

Through this competition, I met new people whom I did not know. While we may have different strengths and personalities, we were able to get along well. It was enjoyable being able to experience this competition with them as they had made this competition less tiring. Although we did not win, I am really thankful to be given this chance to learn more about business and marketing, something that I would not have learnt during ordinary curriculum time. I also learn how to manage my time better by getting my priorities straight and relaxing after completing the given tasks. All in all, this competition was truly an enjoyable and memorable experience.
Charlotte Wong, 3E3

A major challenge I faced was time management. I spent many sleepless nights working on the tasks whilst trying to balance schoolwork and CCA. It was tough at first – I was starting to think that sleep was not that important and that finishing all my work should be my top priority. However, I came to realise that having a healthy sleeping schedule was critical to being productive and carefully planning my time was also what I needed to do in order to have time for everything. Through the competition, I slowly but surely tackled my chronic procrastination and started planning a timetable which allowed me to be in my most productive and focused state.

On the bright side, working with my teammates had always been a very joyful experience as we joked around a lot while working on the tasks. I am glad that I could share this new and rejuvenating experience with them as it felt especially empowering to be able to work and make it to the finals with them. Although we did not win, I have learnt the importance of time management and having that strong sense of discipline. I have also learnt to be more risk-taking and innovative.

I believe the values and skills that I have learnt will be helpful as I continue my journey of education and later on in the workforce.
Jiang Chenxi, 3E2