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ZHSS Chinese Orchestra SYF 2019

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When the final musical note ended and everything fell silent just before the audience’s applause, I was immediately filled with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. An overwhelming air of joy filled the stage as we knew in our hearts that we had played the songs well beyond expectation.

Up till now, I still cannot believe that SYF has come to a fruitful end with ZHCO attaining Distinction!

In the future, whenever I feel stuck about a situation, I will apply the same grit and tenacity underlying this SYF experience. When it is my turn to lead the orchestra for SYF 2021, I will also keep up the positive mindset that my teachers and seniors have shown me, so as to maintain the outstanding ZHCO legacy. We believe. We achieve.
Lee Zi Ying, 2E2 

As a Secondary 1 member just months ago, I remember feeling so lost during many CCA practices as I struggled to learn the difficult SYF pieces and tried very hard to catch up with my seniors. However, with determination and hard work, I slowly gained confidence at mastering the songs. During our school assembly showcase prior to SYF, our performance was still not ideal but we chose to remain positive and continued to press on. Finally at the actual SYF performance, I felt extremely honoured and proud to be representing ZHCO and sharing the stage with my seniors, peers and conductor. Eventually, our commitment and dedication paid off as we clinched Distinction! Through this amazing SYF journey, I have learnt that we should never give up during difficult times. In addition, I should always bear in mind that the learning process and memories forged are far more important than the end results for any experiences lying ahead.
Eunice Chiok, 2E4 

SYF was a rewarding and incredible journey for all CO members. We started practising for SYF since the November-December holidays, and we worked extra hard every practice to improve and inch closer towards the Distinction that we were striving for. As SYF came closer round the corner, I started to worry about how we would fare and whether we had sufficient practices to attain the desired results. When we stepped onto the S.C.H stage, I was very nervous and my heart was beating so fast, hoping I would not mess up any of my parts during the performance. But as we played our last note, all I felt was a remarkable sense of fulfillment for completing this 5-month journey alongside my CO mates and knowing that we had performed to the best of our abilities. Moving forward from this SYF experience, I have learnt to persevere on and keep playing every note wholeheartedly, even during the toughest of times.
Sean Chin, 3E2