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Zone 5 Inter-Corps First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 2019

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The Zonal First Aid Competition (FAC) was a rewarding experience for me. I have learnt to lead my teammates better through FAC. In future projects, I can take charge while remaining composed even when things do not work out as planned. During the competition, I was nervous as my teammates and I had to work together without our trainers’ guidance. When it was announced that we were the Champion Team and that I was the Best Leader, I was ecstatic! I felt a great sense of achievement after all the days of trainings that we had.
Javier Junior Ng (3E2'2019)

During the First Aid Competition (FAC), it was very stressful as I was the team leader. I had to take charge of everyone around me. We had to go through first aid, home nursing and foot drill assessments. I was afraid that I would make mistakes. However, in the end, I felt a sense of achievement as our efforts in training for the competition paid off. Through the competition, I learnt how to be a confident and better leader and know how to work under stress. Charlene Tan, 3E1 We had foot drill assessment, short case, then long case and the ceremony. I felt confident during foot drill as we practised a lot during trainings. During the first aid assessment, I was initially confused because I did not recognise the simulation. I performed worse than expected. Luckily, we did well in other components of the competition. The event ended with joy, as we were the Champion. Now, I can confidently apply my first aid knowledge if I encounter casualties in future.
Leow Han Yang (2E2'2019) 

The competition would test our first aid, foot drill and home nursing skills. We trained three days a week just to ensure we were fully prepared. At first, I felt that the trainings were very tough as we had not acquired many of the skills required. The trainings were conducted almost every day and I could not handle the stress, balancing schoolwork and my CCA at the same time. As for the competition, it was easier than I thought. To my surprise, we became the Champion team in the South Zone ! The officers who painstakingly trained us cried tears of joy as they saw how much improvement we made. I felt elated that our hard work did not go to waste and we managed to make the seniors proud! It was also a good learning experience, to treat casualties under time constraints. I learnt how to manage my time and that hard work always pays off.
Tang Whui Kay (2E2'2019)