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Holistic Achievements (National)

National Achievements 2019


MOE-SYF Performing Arts Presentation

Certificates of Distinction (x4):

Chinese Orchestra; Guzheng Ensemble; Dance; Choir

Certificates of Accomplishment (x3):

Band, Chinese Drama; English Drama

MOE-SYF Logo Design
Top Finalists
Remembering the Past, Looking into the Future
(Margaret Elisha Fontanila Feliciano, 4E2)
National Stamps-Collecting Competition
2 Silvers Awards

Yellowren Arts Festival (Nov 2018)

2 Honourable Mentions
(Cash Prize: $300 each)

National Taekwondo Competitions

Caleb Ng Chi Tiong (3N2)
(B Division Boys: Red Belt
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1)
(B Division Girls: Black Belt
Singapore Olympic Peter-Lim Scholarship
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1) [Taekwondo]
Zonal Inter-Schools Games Competitions
Volleyball B Division Boys: 2nd
Basketball C Division Girls: 3rd
Sportsmanship Awards:
Shaun Lim Mak Seng (4E1)
Lucius Leau Wen Jie (4N1)
Jacintha Tan Teng Na (4E1)

Singapore Schools Sports Council: Colours Awards

Caleb Ng Chi Tiong (3N2)
(B Division Boys: 1st (Taekwondo/Kyorugi)
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1)
(B Division Girls: 1st (Tawkwondo/Kyorugi)
Boys’ Brigade
Silver (1st);  [GOLD: 12th 2018];
Founder’s Man Award (x2)

Girls’ Brigade

Gold (13th);
Low Guat Tin Challenge: 2 Bronze

National Cadet Corps

Gold (24th)
Outstanding NCC Cadets (x2)
Overseas NCC Leadership Training in UK:
Keegan Gan Weixuan (3E3)

National Police Cadet Corps

Gold (11th);
Singapore Police Badge


Gold (13th);
Chief Commissioner Awards (x10)
St John Ambulance Brigade
Chief Commissioner’s Awards (x11);
Zone 5 Inter-Corps First Aid and Home
Nursing Competition: 
Nursing Team: 1st ; Ambulance Team: 1st 
Inter-Zone First Aid and Home Nursing Competition:
Nursing Team: 3rd; Ambulance Team: 6th
South-East CDC Partnership (end 2018)
Sustained Excellence Award for 
Green Schools@South-East

S’pore Environment Council Green Awards (end 2018)

Yellow-Flame Award

People Association Community Awards

Community Spirit Award

Hwa Chong Student Leaders Convention

Best Delegation Award (2nd)

MOE Humanities Scholarship

Gaven Khoo (7th Awardee, since 2014)
MOE-GEB Innovation Fair
Fair Exhibition Booths: All 3 teams
1) Digital Waste Diary (Show on Stage)
2) Brush it Off
3) My Compost

National Software Competition (Design Thinking & Computational Thinking)

1 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze

National Software Challenge

4 Bronze

Singapore Games Creation Competition (end 2018)

Commendation Award (Team)

MOE Media Computing Competition

SILVER Award (Animation Category):
Lee Kai Jia (3T1)

NYP Science & Technology Challenge

2nd Place

Singapore Asian Schools Math Olympiad

3 Gold, 7 Silver, 11 Bronze Awards

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

3 Silver, 3 Bronze & 5 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

1 Silver, 2 Bronze & 1 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

1 Gold, 1 Bronze & 1 Merit

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

1 Gold, 2 Bronze

A*STAR Science Awards
Yit Shen Yu (3E4); Keegan Gan Weixuan (3E3)
Queen Commonwealth Essay Competition
4 Gold, 13 Silver & 8 Bronze Awards
13th National Translation Competition
2 Distinction Awards
Singapore Science Centre (end 2018)
Partner of CRADLE

MOE School Distinction Award

Validity period: 2015 – 2020

MOE Best Practice (BP) Awards (x5

- BP in Teaching & Learning

- BP in Staff Wellbeing & Development

- BP in Student All-Round Development

- BP in Character & Citizenship Education

- BP in Partnership

Validity period: 2015 – 2020
Singapore Quality Class (SQC) Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023
People Developer Standard (PDS)
Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023
The NIE Caring Teachers Award 2018
Mr Lim Yong Khern; Mrs Koh Siok Hoon;
Mr Theophilus Chan
MOE Outstanding Computing Teacher Award 2018
Mr Calvin Heng
MOE Academy Award 2018
Mr Lawrence Tang (4th time)
National-Day Award 2018/2019
Mr Hazry Hamzah (Commendation Medal)
Mdm Lee Kiat Bee (Long-Service Medal)
Ms Noorliza (Long-Service Medal)
Mr Desmond Chong (Commendation Medal)
Mdm Koh Lee Keng (Long-Service Medal)