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Roll of Honours




Scholar (Year of Grad)


MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local)

Pang Tien Feng (2014)

Lim Rui (2014)

Nanyang Scholarship (Physics, NTU)

Thung Yi Thian (2011)

Nanyang Scholarship (Business, NTU)

Zhan Chulan (2013)

NTU College Scholarship (Comm-Studies)

Shen Fuyang (2012)

Singapore Government Scholarship (London School of Economics)

Peh Jun Hao (2011)

Singapore-Industry Scholarship (Accountancy, SMU)

Lee Hui Min Angel (2012)

SMU Scholars (Business Mgt)

Pang Seng Ying (2012)

Renaissance Engineering Scholarship (NTU)

Toh Xuan Ming (2012)

Science &  Engineering Scholarship (NTU)

Zhan Chulan 

(?, 2013)

Diploma in Media & Communication (Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship)

Chong Han Lyn (2012)




PSC Scholarship (Foreign Service) (London School of Economics) Seow Wei Liang (2013)
Infocomm Polytechnic Scholarship (iPoly) Matthew Tan Jia Qi (2015)
MOE Teaching Scholarship Seow Li Lin Fiona

MOE Humanities Scholarship 

Pang Tien Feng (2014)



MOE Teaching Scholarship Liu Yu Fan (2012)
Temasek Polytechnic Scholarship Amelia Ng Yu Xuan (2014)
Diploma in Media and Communication (Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship) Chong Han Lyn (2012)
Strategic Infocomm Technologies (Nanyang Scholarship) Ng Jian Jie Jerome (2014)
Strategic Infocomm Technologies (Nanyang Scholarship) Sean Wong Chun Foh (2014)
Jacob Ballas Scholarshi​p ( St Andrew's JC ) (2012)


DSTA Undergraduate Scholarship Chew Zhi Han Gary (2008)
SAF Academic Scholarship (Local) (Combat) Huang Zhiwei (2008)
MOHH Health Science & Nursing Scholarship - Speech Therapy University of Sydney, Australia Tan Chun Hui Gladys (2009)
Humanities Scholarship (MOE) Seow Wei Liang (2013)
MOE Education Merit Scholarship

Chloe Lim Xueyi (2011)
Edward Tan Yu Fan (2008)

Singapore Olympic Foundation - Peter Lim Scholarship

Sim Boon Pin Robin


Jacob Ballas Scholarshi​p ( St Andrew's JC )


Temasek Polytechnic Scholarship 

Ron Tan Yida (2012)


Humanities Scholarship (MOE) 

Chloe Lim Xueyi (2011) 

Singpore Polytechnic Scholarship  

Ong Jin Jie (2011)

ITE Scholarship 

Chia Nan Ping Marlene (2011) 


Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) -

For study in Oxford University 

Teh Guo Pei (2008)

 A* Star Scholarship (Physical Sciences)

 Aniq Ahsan (2008)

NYP Scholarship

 Lee Qi Jun (2010)

Goh Jun Jie (2010) 

Temasek Polytechnic Scholarship 

Lim Li Jun (2008) 

AJC Co-Curricular Activties Scholarship 

Lee Xin Ling Jetaime (2010) 


Local Merit Scholarship (Police) -

For study in NUS/Biomedical Sciences

Fiona Teo Yayuan (2006)

NYP Scholarship 

Jaime Teo Weijie (2009) 

Humanities Scholarship (MOE) 

Tan Chun Hui Gladys (2009) 


Ministry of Health Holdings OHH Health Science Scholarship -

For study in Oxford University 

Lee Xuan Lin Lynn (2007) 

AJC Scholarship (Academic)  





Awardee (Year of Grad)

2017 Diploma with Merit (NP) -Mass Communications
S’pore Press Holdings Prize

Ng Jing Zhi (2013)

Diploma with Merit (TP) - Law & Managment
Ravindran Law Associates Prize

Maria Xenia Robles Lafiguera (2013)

Diploma in Media & Communication (Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship) 

Low Guan Onn Gold Medal
Asia Fund Space Gold Medal
SP Institutional Medalist

Chong Han Lyn (2012)


Diploma with Merit (NP) - Electronic & Computer Engineering
Zicom Group Prize
Lok Li Xin (2012)
Diploma with Merit (NP) - Banking & Financial Services Chikara Darmono (2012)
Diploma with Merit (NP) - Tourism & Resort Management Tan Yin Ton (2012)

Certificate of Merit (ITE) - Higher Nitec Electronics Eng.

Tan Zi Yong Nicholas (2012)

Certificate of Merit (ITE) - Higher Nitec Electronics Eng.

Loh Kong Jing, Maverick (2012)

Course Medal (ITE) - Chemical Processing Technology Lee Wee Jun, Xander (2013)

Yishun Junior College Advisory Committee Gold Award
















MOE Lee Kuan Yew Award (Normal Course)

Lim Zhi Yong (2014)

MOE Teaching Award

Sam Li Ying (2012)

Diploma with Merit (NP) - Business Studies

Lee Wee Nam Gold Medal

Achieve Career Consultant Prize

Ngee-Ann Adelaide Education  Centre Prize

Edwin Widjaja (2011)

Diploma with Merit (NP) - Child Psychology & Early Education 

NCSS Silver Medal

Tan Huiming (2011)

Diploma with Merit (NP) - Veterinary Bioscience

Nordep Medicial Silver Medal

Wong Qian Yi (2011)

Diploma with Merit (NP) - Business Studies

Certification in Korean

Yip Cai Ling Shannon (2011)

Diploma with Merit (NP) - Tourism & Resort Management

Certification in Korean

Soong Jia Wei (2011)
Diploma with Merit (NP) - Banking & Financial Services Tan Winnie (2011)
Diploma with Merit (NP) - Arts Business Management Sara Lau Jin Ee (2011)
Silver Medal (ITE) - Nitec Electronics (Computer and Networking) course Fong Yuxuan (2012)
Singapore Polytechnic Excellence Award Christopher Lye MingZhong (2007)
Outstanding Graduate Award (ITE)- Applied Food Science Yeow Jun Yi (2012)





OVA Gold Medal - Academic Excellence Luo Siwei (2011)
VAC Award Chloe Lim Xueyi (2011)

MOE Teaching Award

Liew Tsae Woei (2011)

Diploma with Merit (SP)

Typo Electronics Prize

Tong Xiao Xin (2010)

Diploma with Merit (SP)

Practical Mediscience Prize

Lim Xin Yan (2010)

A*STAR Science Awards (Upper Secondary)

John Paul Oei Jun Jie (2014)

Tham Yong Liang Nicholas (2014)

Jamie Jessica Leong (2015)

Tasneem Marican (2015)

Diploma with Merit (SP)

Diploma in Business Administration - Silver Medalist (SP)

Expeditors Silver Medal

NETS Prize 

Loh Ya Xin (2010)

Diploma with Merit (SP)

Sunny Holidays Prize 

Lee Jerrlyn (2010)


A*STAR Science Award Lee Shin Yi (2012)

Outstanding Achievement Award
MediaCrop Gold Medal and Prize
Batey Ads Prize (for most outstanding academic performance)

Quek Li Rui Keziah (2009)

CSIT Gold Medal
CSIT Award for Outstanding Project Work

Boey Wen Zhong Ernest (2009)

CSIT Bronze Medal

Goh Jing Loon (2009)


Course Medal for outstanding performance in Nitec in Service Skills (Office) 

Gina Lum (2010)

Outstanding Graduate Award (ITE)- Communication Technology

Cheong Cher Wee Maurice (2007)

Oustanding Graduate Award (ITE) 

Ng Teng Yi (2010)

Leow Yuan Kang Eddie (2010)

Jacob Ballas Schorlars (St. Andrew JC) 






Diploma with Merit (Singapore Polytechnic)
Media Development Authority Gold Medal
Vsolution Award 

Lim Wan Ru 

Diploma with Merit (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Lee Wee Nam Silver Medal & Prize,
Singapore Human Resources Institute Prize 

Jasmine Wong Yoke Shi (2008)

Diploma with Merit (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
RedWorks Silver Medal & Prize 

Tan Ying Ru (2008)

NCSS Prize 

Loew Yi Hang (2008)

Director's List Award (Temasek Polytechnic) 

Keong Sing Wei (2010)

Directors's List Award (Nanyang Polytechnic)

Lee Qi Jun (2010) 

Chew Ying Ying, Linda (2009)

Fan De Xing (2009)

Jamie Teo Weijie (2009)




















Course Medal for outstanding performace in Nitec in Product Design 

Lee Boon Seng (2008)

Jacob Ballas Scholars' Awards for 4 Distinctions (St Andrew JC)


The Institute of Physics Singapore Gold Medal for Excellence

Zhou Mengyi (2008)

SP Engineering Scholarship 

Yeo Wei Le (2010)

Diploma with Merit (Singapore Polytechnic)
DBS Gold Medal
KS Energy Prize 

Ng Sin Yee (2008)

Amtel Silver Medal and Prize 

Lee Mingying (2007)

Mirage Design Landscape and Contract Prize 

Gladys Loo Hui Qin (2007)

Richard Lee Memorial Prize 

Ulric Sng Ming Hong (2007)

Director's List Award (Temasek Polytechnic)

Agnes Chee Poh Eng (2008)

Chua Hong Yi (2008)

Director's List Award (Nanyang Polytechnic)
NCS Pte Lts Silver Medal 

Cheng Zhao Yi 


Director's List Award (Nanyang Polytechnic)

Tan Chao Jun (2008)

Boey Wen Zhong Ernest (2009)

Goh Jing Loon (2009)

Director's List Award (Republic Polytechnic)

Loh Swan Kee Jhomel (2007)

Tan Keng Kun Shawn (2007)

Rohde & Schwarz Silver Medal 

Tan Chun Kiat (2003)

Ernst & Young Gold Award

Lee Shun Min (2007)

The Singapore Sports Council Silver Medal 

Daniel Ting Jiaming (2008)

MediaCorp Silver Medal

Goh Siew Huang Melissa (2008)

OVA Gold Medal - Academic Excellence 

Teh Guo Pei (2008)

Singapore Police Force (SPF) Book Prize 


NUS Faculty Award (NUS/Environmental Engineering) 

Yeo Lik Khian (2004)

OVA Gold Medal - Academic Excellence

Lee Shangwei (2007)

Kevin Ho Hin Tat (2007)

A*Star JC Science Award 

Lim Yong Siang Samuel (2009)

National University Hospital Prize

Lydia Ng Xin Yee (2006)

Loke Yang Ling (2006)

Wendy Oan Jia Wei (2006)

Merck Sharp & Dhome Prize 

Leatrice Tan Li Ying (2004)

Lufthansa Cargo AG Prize

Poh Hee Siong (2006)

Sapura Synerg Award

Goh Pei Ying (2002)

COMPASS Silver Medal

Huang Peh Linde 

Singapore Computer Society Silver Medal
KS Energy Services Award 

Ng Soko Cheng Priscilla (2006)

Pacific International Lines Prize

Lum Yin Yu Bernice (2006)



Jacob Ballad Scholars (St Andrew JC)




Shimadzu Bronze Medal 

Ong Li Hui Angelia (2003)

Ubisoft Singapore Silver Medal

Chia Mu Jun Robin (2005)

IEEE Power Electronics Prize 

Koh Han Rui Henry (2005)


Flextronics Monza Design Centre
Bronze Medal 

Lim Chi Yong (2004)

Standard Chartered Bank Silver Medal 

Loy Chin Hwee (2004)

Adidas Silver Medal 

Huang Yuchi (2000)

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