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National Achievement 2017


SYF Performing Arts Presentation

Certificates of Distinction (x3):
Chinese Orchestra
Guzheng Ensemble
Symphonic Band (Winds) Ensemble
Certificates of Accomplishment (x5):
EL Drama; CL Drama:
Chinese Dance: Concert Band; Choir

National Stamps-Collecting Competition

4 Silver Awards

NP National Youth Business Challenge

Silver Award

National Library Board Prove It! Competition

3rd Position (Central Region)

CIVICA Tales of “S” e-Book Competition

[Finalist: pending Results in November]

National Tourism Innovation Competition

2nd Position ($300)

Nationwide Ocean Conservation Art Competition (Resort World Sentosa)

1st Prize (Secondary-Schools Category)
[Tan Teng Na, Janthina 2E1]

Yellowren Arts Festival

2 Honourable Mentions
(Cash Prize: $300 each)

Singapore National Youth Orchestra

Lee Yuxian Natasha [4E4]

Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra

Hoo Yin Huin [4N1]


National Artistic Gymnastics Championship

“C” Boys Division: 2nd
2nd (Floor Event/Individuals)[Robin Sim,4T1]
2nd (Overall/Individuals)[Joshua Ng,1N1]

National Trampoline Gymnastics Championship

“C” Boys Division: 3rd

Peter-Lim Sports Excellence Scholarships

Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1);
Robin Sim (4T1)

Zonal Inter-Schools Games Competitions

Basketball B Division Girls: 2nd;
Fair-Play Award
Volleyball B Division Boys: 2nd
Basketball C Division Girls: 2nd
Volleyball C Division Boys: 2nd

Singapore Schools Sports Council:
Colours Awards

“C” Division Gymnastics (Boys)
Taekwondo (Kyorugi)
Ong Jia Xin\Lua Weiyi Jolene
Taekwondo (Poonsae)
Lua Weiyi Jolene
Gymnastics (Trampoline)
Ang Jun Zhe Bradon
Foo Hong Jun Joshua
Lim Sheng Rong Madrid
Muhammad Taufiq
Thomas Thi Han Win Thu
Ng Chi Seng Joshua
Gymnastics (Artistic)
Ng Chi Seng Joshua
Sim Boon Pin Robin


Boys’ Brigade

Gold (11th); Founder’s Man Award (x4)

Girls’ Brigade

Gold (11th); Pioneer Brigader Brooch (x1)

National Cadet Corps

Gold (22nd); NCC Outstanding Cadet (x2)

National Police Cadet Corps

Gold (10th); NPPC Best Unit Cadet (x2)


Gold (11th); Chief CommissionerAwards (x5);
National Patrol Camp: SILVER

St John Ambulance Brigade

Gold (10th); Chief Commissioner’s Awards (x7)

NUS Geography Challenge

2 Golds (Individuals):
Cheng Zhi Sheng, Mok Hao Khai Daryl
1 Bronze (Individual):
Lim Yi Cong Nicholas (4E2)

SEC Green Schools Award (end 2016)

Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

South-East CDC Partnership (end 2016)

Sustained Excellence Award for Green Schools@South-East

Goh-Chok Tong Next-Gen Outstanding Student Leaders Awards

Toh Hao Yi (4E1); Samantha Gedalyn (4E4);
Aidan Ling Zhen Yang (4E5)

NEA National Schools Environment Challenge (end 2016)

1st Prize ($2,000)
(2014, 2015, 2016)

National Kidney Foundation

NKF Appreciation Award


Building BLOCS Coding Competition

1st Prize & Merit (4th) [Mixed Schools Teams]

MOE Media Computing Competition

1 Silver Award (Animation Category);
1 Bronze Award (Games-Making Category)

UNSW International Mathematics Competition

5 High Distinctions; 12 Distinctions

UNSW International Digital Technology Competition

1 High Distinction; 1 Distinction

UNSW International Science Competition

2 High Distinctions; 10 Distinctions

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

2 Silver, 2 Bronze & 4 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

2 Silver, 3 Bronze & 2 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

2 Gold, 4 Bronze & 3 Merit Awards

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

1 Silver, 1 Bronze & 2 Honourable Mention

UNSW International English Competition

1 High Distinctions; 5 Distinctions

Queen Commonwealth Essay Competition

2 Gold, 9 Silver & 17 Bronze Awards


Singapore Quality Class (SQC)

Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023

People Developer Standard (PDS)

Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023