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National Achievements 2019


MOE-SYF Performing Arts Presentation

Certificates of Distinction (x4):

Chinese Orchestra; Guzheng Ensemble; Dance; Choir

Certificates of Accomplishment (x3):

Band, Chinese Drama; English Drama

MOE-SYF Logo Design
Top Finalists
Remembering the Past, Looking into the Future
(Margaret Elisha Fontanila Feliciano, 4E2)
National Stamps-Collecting Competition
2 Silvers Awards

Yellowren Arts Festival (Nov 2018)

2 Honourable Mentions
(Cash Prize: $300 each)

National Taekwondo Competitions

Caleb Ng Chi Tiong (3N2)
(B Division Boys: Red Belt
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1)
(B Division Girls: Black Belt
Singapore Olympic Peter-Lim Scholarship
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1) [Taekwondo]
Zonal Inter-Schools Games Competitions
Volleyball B Division Boys: 2nd
Basketball C Division Girls: 3rd
Sportsmanship Awards:
Shaun Lim Mak Seng (4E1)
Lucius Leau Wen Jie (4N1)
Jacintha Tan Teng Na (4E1)

Singapore Schools Sports Council: Colours Awards

Caleb Ng Chi Tiong (3N2)
(B Division Boys: 1st (Taekwondo/Kyorugi)
Lua Weiyi Jolene (3E1)
(B Division Girls: 1st (Tawkwondo/Kyorugi)
Boys’ Brigade
Silver (1st);  [GOLD: 12th 2018];
Founder’s Man Award (x2)

Girls’ Brigade

Gold (13th);
Low Guat Tin Challenge: 2 Bronze

National Cadet Corps

Gold (24th)
Outstanding NCC Cadets (x2)
Overseas NCC Leadership Training in UK:
Keegan Gan Weixuan (3E3)

National Police Cadet Corps

Gold (11th);
Singapore Police Badge


Gold (13th);
Chief Commissioner Awards (x10)
St John Ambulance Brigade
Chief Commissioner’s Awards (x11);
Zone 5 Inter-Corps First Aid and Home
Nursing Competition: 
Nursing Team: 1st ; Ambulance Team: 1st 
Inter-Zone First Aid and Home Nursing Competition:
Nursing Team: 3rd; Ambulance Team: 6th
South-East CDC Partnership (end 2018)
Sustained Excellence Award for 
Green Schools@South-East

S’pore Environment Council Green Awards (end 2018)

Yellow-Flame Award

People Association Community Awards

Community Spirit Award

Hwa Chong Student Leaders Convention

Best Delegation Award (2nd)

MOE Humanities Scholarship

Gaven Khoo (7th Awardee, since 2014)
MOE-GEB Innovation Fair
Fair Exhibition Booths: All 3 teams
1) Digital Waste Diary (Show on Stage)
2) Brush it Off
3) My Compost

National Software Competition (Design Thinking & Computational Thinking)

1 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze

National Software Challenge

4 Bronze

Singapore Games Creation Competition (end 2018)

Commendation Award (Team)

MOE Media Computing Competition

SILVER Award (Animation Category):
Lee Kai Jia (3T1)

NYP Science & Technology Challenge

2nd Place

Singapore Asian Schools Math Olympiad

3 Gold, 7 Silver, 11 Bronze Awards

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

3 Silver, 3 Bronze & 5 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

1 Silver, 2 Bronze & 1 Honourable Mention

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

1 Gold, 1 Bronze & 1 Merit

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

1 Gold, 2 Bronze

A*STAR Science Awards
Yit Shen Yu (3E4); Keegan Gan Weixuan (3E3)
Queen Commonwealth Essay Competition
4 Gold, 13 Silver & 8 Bronze Awards
13th National Translation Competition
2 Distinction Awards
Singapore Science Centre (end 2018)
Partner of CRADLE

MOE School Distinction Award

Validity period: 2015 – 2020

MOE Best Practice (BP) Awards (x5

- BP in Teaching & Learning

- BP in Staff Wellbeing & Development

- BP in Student All-Round Development

- BP in Character & Citizenship Education

- BP in Partnership

Validity period: 2015 – 2020
Singapore Quality Class (SQC)Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023
People Developer Standard (PDS)
Validity period: 28 Feb 17 – 28 Feb 2023
The NIE Caring Teachers Award 2018
Mr Lim Yong Khern; Mrs Koh Siok Hoon;
Mr Theophilus Chan
MOE Outstanding Computing Teacher Award 2018
Mr Calvin Heng
MOE Academy Award 2018
Mr Lawrence Tang (4th time)
National Day Awards
Mr Hazry Hamzah (Commendation Medal)
Mdm Lee Kiat Bee (Long-Service Medal)
Ms Noorliza (Long-Service Medal)
Mr Desmond Chong (Commendation Medal)
Mdm Koh Lee Keng (Long-Service Medal)