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Art Club

Teachers in Charge:


Ms Ang Hwee Qin


Ms Magdalene Tan


Ms Juliana Jumadi





Days of Training:




Art Room


Student Leaders


President:                      Dimatulac Adara Rei Duazo


V. President:                  Evelyn Toh Xinyi


Section Leaders:             Margaret Elisha Fontannilla Feliciano

Ethan Chng Wenxuan

Ng Yue Julia


Asst Section Leaders:       Yong Minwen Ashley

Yu Qianqian

Goh Jingwei Hannah



Every year the art club members continue to enhance both their photography, design and fine art skills. This year the students were exposed to Digital Art as another medium of illustration and design. Through his enrichment, the students learnt to combine some photography techniques and hand-eye co-ordination via the WACOM tablet as opposed to the traditional paper and pen/pencil drawing. Digital art also aids the members to enhance their observation and illustrative skills.


As Art Club members, they also take part in various fine art, design and photography competitions. These competitions encourage communication, teamwork and care among the members.


In addition, they continue to support the school via events photography and exhibitions. Our Art Club members serve as docents to our annual art exhibitions. Works of our members are used in various publicity materials, corporate gifts and tokens of appreciation.



Ethan Chng Wenxuan [3E2] had his work selected for SYF Visual Art Showcase 2018 NGS [National Gallery Singapore]

Keith Tan [2N1] winner of On-the-spot Photography competition organized by W2 cluster school