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Symphonic Band

Teachers in Charge:


Ms Wong Li Qing

Ms Lee Sock Kee

Mr Theophilus Chan

Ms Nasyrah








Mr Tay Jiun Ngiap (Conductor)

Mr Simon Foo (Assistant Conductor)

Days of Training:



1530-1830 hrs

1530-1830 hrs


Band Room


Student Leaders


Ceremonial Drum Major    :          NIGEL YUE

Assistant Drum Major       :           KESHVINDER SINGH S/O B S

Major 1                          :            ZHANG CHENXI

Major 2                         :             MYRA LIM LI XUAN

Student Conductor         :              LIM YU PING

ZWinds was established in 1987, and is currently under the baton of Mr Tay Jiun Yap. The Band has 97 members [sec 1 to 4]. At the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, the Band participated in 2 sub-categories and was awarded the following:

1. Band [Concert] - Certificate of Accomplishment.

2. Band [Wind Ensemble] – Certificate of Distinction.


As part of our values in action, ZWinds supports various community-bonding programmes such as the Braddell Heights National Day Celebration Dinner, and the St John Brigade Annual General Inspection. At time of writing, ZWinds was the band in attendance at the SG53 Braddell Heights National Day Celebration Dinner. For 2019, ZWinds will be looking forward to more community based performances.


Being constantly in the public eye has boosted the band’s morale and confidence level. In addition, it creates more opportunities for the band members to form closely-knit bonds with one another.

Zwinds has always been one big family. We show care and appreciation to one another and motivate each other to develop to their fullest potential while keeping alive the burning passion we have for music-making.


2013 SYF AP - Certificate of Distinction

2015 SYF AP – Certificate of Accomplishment

2017 SYF AP – Certificate of Accomplishment [Band –Concert]

2017 SYF AP – Certificate of Distinction [Band – Wind Ensemble]