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Teachers in Charge:


Mr Zafir Said 


Ms Cher Huey Min 


Mr Christopher Lim


Ms Stephenie Choy 



Days of Training:




Parade Square

Car Park




Student Leaders

Station Inspectors - SI Maung Myo Thant Tin (4N2), SI Dina A'tiqah Bte Ahmad Yatim (4E1)
Unit Head – 3SG Nigel Ang (3E4)

Deputy Unit Head – 3SG Regine Sim (3E1)

Administration Head – 3SG Ryan Lee (3N2)

Logistics Head – 3SG Jeremy Chua (3E3)

Training Heads - 3SG Tay Wen Kai (3E3), 3SG Khaw Zhi Sin (3N2), 3SG Johnson Toh (3N2) & 3SG Kathleen Sim (3E4)

Project & Planning Heads: 3SG Loi Hui Nam (3N1)

Corporate Communications Head: 3SG Kylie Loh (3N1)


Write up


Zhonghua NPCC unit ended the year with an Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) Silver Award. NPCC has provided numerous opportunities for our cadets to grow in a challenging environment, which, in turn will imbibe them with leadership qualities, strong character and civic, social and moral values. The unit’s motto “Strive For Excellence” lays the foundation on which we build every cadet’s character, and this motto also motivates them to work towards their best. We are able to achieve these by exposing our cadets to various courses and programs in 2018.


For this year, the cadets took part in two national competitions. The cadets did well in both events with the Boys Team came in top 20 out of 150 schools in the Camp Craft Competition and  top 10 in the 0.22  Revolver Shooting Competition. The cadets have shown both resilience and good teamwork in both events. The Secondary 2 and 3 cadets will also be attending the annual Adventure/ Survival Training Camp (ATC/ STC) in November at Kampong Noordin, Pulau Ubin. The objective of the camp is to forged strong camaraderie through fellowship and team work among cadets with other units. It will be a great adventurous experience for them as they will be sleeping in tents with the nature and participate in many outdoor activities such as kayaking, pioneering and rope challenge.


Zhonghua NPCC cadets are also expected to embark on annual Community Service and Security Program and Police Youth Ambassador Programmes with Serangoon Neighbourhood Police Centre to inculcate the importance of crime prevention and service leadership in the cadets.


We believe that through the comprehensive NPCC framework, our cadets will graduate from Zhonghua NPCC as a Caring and Responsible Citizens.


NPCC Key Programmes

Camp Resilience:

To develop Sec 2 and 3 cadets’ ruggedness, self-reliance, resilience, team-work and leadership skills.

Police Knowledge: 

To equip cadets with relevant knowledge on crime cases, cultivate in them a strong sense of respect for the law and to instill a sense of responsibility in upholding the law.

Leadership & Mentoring Skills:

To familiarise Sec 3 cadets with the roles and responsibility as a cadet leader.

Anti-Narcotic Course (SANA):

To heighten the awareness on the danger of drug misused and abused.

Police Youth Ambassador:

To work together with NPC staff in heighten community awareness against terrorism and crime preventions around the neighbourhood.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI):

To equip cadets with the knowledge and the use of basic CSI tools in investigating a crime scene.

Road Safety Course:

To instill and educate Sec 1 and 2 cadets on road safety for both pedestrians and motorcyclists.



·       Top 10 in the 0.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 2018.

·       Top 20 in the Camp Craft Competition (Boys Team) 2018.

2nd in position in the Area Challenge Shield 2018.