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St John Brigade (SJB)

Teachers in Charge:


VAL/Cadet Officers:

Yin Xin Min

Yeow Xin Tong

 Amanda Chan Wei Lun

Days of Training:


2.30pm – 5.00pm

Parade Square, Classrooms

Student Leaders:



Corps Chairperson

Leow Han Yang (3E4)

Corps Deputy Chairperson

Tang Whui Kay (3E4)


Ang Wei Wen (3E4)


Ang Wei Wen (3E4) & Wong Yaw Wei (3E1)

First Aid

Wong Yaw Wei (3E1) & Tan Yan Ting Rachel (3E3)

Home Nursing

Tang Whui Kay (3E4) & Chin Wen Yan (3E1)


Leow Han Yang (3E4) & Jenee Chan (3N2)

Transport of Casualty (TOC)

Git Qi Heng Horace (3E1) & Tan Yan Hao (3T1)

Physical Training (PT)

Tang Whui Kay (3E4) & Git Qi Heng Horace (3E1)

Public Duty

Chin Wen Yan (3E1) & Tan Yan Hao (3T1)


Jenee Chan (3N2) & Tan Yan Ting Rachel (3E3)

Cadet Proficiency Badge

Ang Wei Wen (3E4)

St John Brigade (SJB) is a voluntary organisation. SJB Zhonghua started on 25th July 1961. The core focus of SJB is to develop the character and leadership qualities of the cadets, besides imparting First Aid knowledge. 

SJB activities seek to inculcate an all-rounded education by developing personal skills and expanding knowledge of First Aid through the weekly trainings, training camps and outdoor activities organised. Cadets are taught to be self-disciplined, responsible, persevering and to display team spirit. Our weekly Friday trainings provide our cadets with the competency in First Aid, Transportation of Casualty, Home Nursing and Foot drill. During these training sessions too, our cadets are given the opportunity to hone their leadership skills in leading their juniors in the various activities organized. 

On 6th April 2019, two teams from our school took part in the annual Zone 5 First Aid Competition. Both the Ambulance Cadet Team and Nursing Cadet Team emerged as Champions. 

The teams also took part in the National First Aid and Home Nursing Competition in June 2019. The Nursing Team achieved 3rd position and the Ambulance team scored Best for Transportation of Casualty. 

Our cadets render their First Aid services during school events and to the community. These public duties enable our cadets to put their knowledge to practice, allowing them to gain more experience, thus becoming more confident first aiders. 

Our Corp has been awarded the Corps Achievement Award 2020 (Gold). This is the result of consistent hard work and dedication of our cadets, Cadet Officers and Teacher Officers. Having a positive mindset and perseverance in the face of adversities have enabled our cadets to grow as resilient and compassionate leaders. Working in teams has enabled our cadets to nurture their interpersonal skills and to forge understanding among themselves. 

Key Programmes 

  • SJB HQ National First Aid Competition: Cadets will apply First Aid knowledge, exercise decision-making and work effectively in teams. 

  • SJB HQ National Brigade Drill Instructor Course: Cadets will train to be self-disciplined and display resilience as well as esprit-de-corps.    

  • SJB HQ Basic Cardiac Life Support + AED Course and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation + AED Course: Cadets will learn lifesaving technique and emergency procedure. 

  • Cadets will participate in leadership training programmes such as the Non-Commissioned Officer Course (NCOC) which is organised at the District level. 

  • The Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) which is administered by the SJB HQ allows cadets to enhance their skills and knowledge in varied areas of interest. These badges include Community Care and Total Defence (Gold, Silver, Bronze). To gain the badges, cadets will be engaged in specific tasks and courses, for example, Civil Defence Course. 

  • Course Achieve 1, 2 and 3: Cadets will learn and apply leadership skills as well as to instil camaraderie and teamwork among cadets.