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Science Symposium

Title of Projects

Drug Formulation

Cosmeutical Development

Cell Culture and Fermentation

Assistive Biomedical Device

How Germy is your Mobile Phone?

Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells

An Antibacterial Properties of Snail Slime

Additive Manufacturing Technology

Robotics Technology - Strategies for Sumo robot battles

Game Analytics

Science Symposium Posters
Year 2014/2015 Additive Manufacturing
Spatial Audio Enhancement Techniques
Google Earth
3D Animation
Application to Game Analytics
Isolation of Fungi
Dietary habits
Customer Relations
IG Bonding
Year 2013/2014 Binge Drinking
Development of Obstacle Avoidance Capability of Miniature Robot
Game Physics
Investigation into Cytoxicity of Flavonoids of Mammalian Cells
Miniature Solar Vehicle
Weight Management
Windows Phone
Year 2012/2013 Assistive Device for Elderly
Benchmarking of tolerance and fit for Rapid Prototyping Process
Cyberwellness and Education Toolkit
Energy Consumption Analysis
HIV Toolkit
Identification of cancer stem cells inhibitors
Isolation and Identification of Bioactive Compounds
Master Mind Wrestle
Microfluidic Gradient Generator
Potential Antimicrobial activities in food packaging
Windows Phone
Year 2011/2012 Science Symposium Chen Yi Jun & Yeo Tong
Science Symposium Chia Hui Ning
Science Symposium Chong Si Qing
Science Symposium Christabel and Brian Tan
Science Symposium Elizabeth
Science Symposium Francis Chan and Germaine Choo
Science Symposium Grace Chia and Goh Sing Yee
Science Symposium Jia Min
Science Symposium Jolies and Hui Qi
Science Symposium Kay Sheng
Science Symposium Rachel Chow
Science Symposium Rachel Poon
Science Symposium Samuel Tse
Science Symposium Wong Weitao and Paul Tan
Science Symposium Yu Ruo
Science Symposium Yusof
Science Symposium Bryan Chin
Year 2010/2011 P1 - Managing Your Carbon Footprint
P2 - Study of Anti-Bacterial Effect of Fungal Extract Using Staphylococcus Aureus
P3 - Investigation of Bacterial Growth on Rice
P4 - Polymerase Chain Reaction
P5 - Controlling of pH in Soap Formulation
P6 - Elderly Emergency Response System
P7 - Miniature Solar-Fuel Cell Vehicle
P8 - E-Physiotheraphy Portal
P9 - Design and Development of Rehabilitation Device For Lower Limbs
P10 - Flights
P11 - Heat Therapy on Muscles
P12 - Social Media Trends and Tools
P13 - Online Mapping Tools
P14 - Human Computer Interaction on Sharepoint and Moodle Sites
P15 - 2D Symbologies Adoption Trends and Application
P16 - Product Marketing Through Web Analytics Tools and Social Media
P17 - Speed Challenge
P18 - Visual Effect In Films