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Character and Citizenship Education

The Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Committee oversees the implementation of the CCE curriculum in ZHSS. Through the curriculum, we aim to nurture Zhonghuarians of good character, who will contribute actively to Singapore as responsible citizens. CCE values, together with their associated knowledge and skills, are explicitly infused in the curriculum for students to achieve this objective.

CCE Lessons

  • The Leader Within
  • Being a Positive Influence
  • Thinking Hearts, Feeling Minds
  • Family Our Foundation
  • U & I in Community
  • This Is Home, Truly
  • The World in Singapore

Guidance Modules

  • Cyber Wellness (CW)
  • Education & Career Guidance (ECG)
  • Sexuality Education (SEd)

School-based CCE

  • Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme
  • Weekly Assembly Programme
  • Post-Exam Programme
  • Cohort Activities
  • National Education Commemorative Events

In line with our School Vision of Scholars o Leaders, the CCE committee engages the CCE monitors actively as ambassadors of CCE in the school. They undergo a structured training programme designed to equip them with the knowledge, skills and expertise to plan, organize and review CCE activities. Teachers constantly provide support to CCE monitors as they hone their leadership competencies. Furthermore, the school collaborates with stakeholders such as other government agencies, community partners and the Parents’ Support Group in these activities.