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Student Leadership Development

The Student Leadership Programme @ ZHSS programme aims to provide students with a roadmap of the school's intent to develop essential attributes and competencies that future leaders should embody. This roadmap clearly defines our vision, mission, belief, framework, and our approach to ensure every student is given the opportunity to grow as a leader in their 4 or 5 year journey with us. 

Vision:Zhonghuarians are dynamic and resilient leaders with excellence mindset and a spirit of service and innovation.
Mission:To nurture leaders who are caring, collaborative and confident.
Belief:Every student is a leader who can serve to lead, lead to serve.

    Student Leadership Framework

    In the planning and delivering of student outcomes in leadership training and activities, we follow the 3-Tier Student Leadership Approach. 

    student leadership.png
    Our student leadership framework (above diagram) exemplifies 3-tier approach to nurturing student leaders. The framework is tied to our leadership program where students will be exposed to training and opportunities to allow them to level up their competencies and transit to the next tier. Students will be evaluated from 3 angles: self-evaluation (Sec 1-5), peer evaluation (Sec 1, 3) and teacher evaluation (Sec 2, 4) to measure their growth as a leader and their development in the scholar aspect. 
    There is a system of awards and recognition to acknowledge the contribution of student leaders.

    Tier 1 (Personal Leadership)

    All Sec 1 to 3 students have the opportunity to attend the Cohort Leadership Training which trains students in cohort-specific skills and school-based leadership attributes. Our students will also be evaluated based on the ZHSS Scholar Leader Evaluation Instrument (SLEI), of their leadership development as well as the impact they have on self and others.


    Tier 2 (Inter-Personal Leadership)

    Students who demonstrates the ability and drive to lead will advance into the next level where they lead a small student group. Opportunities are available in the Student Council, Monitor Board, Sports Leaders Board, Class committee positions like AV Leader and Peer Support Leader and various CCAs. Other than on-the-job training, students are also exposed to a variety of activities and training organised by the respective leadership boards.   


    Tier 3 (Team Leadership)

    Students who are able to influence on a CCA or school level will be empowered to serve in the apex of the leadership structure. In the capacity of a Student Council EXCO member, Monitor Board EXCO member, Sports Leaders Board EXCO member, or CCA Head, our students served the school in various school events with pride, contributing to the vibrant scene in Zhonghua.

    Tier 3 student leaders are also exposed to leadership training platforms which offer opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences, and thus gain a better understanding of how they can contribute to society besides allowing the students to network with other youth leaders.

    Read more about Student Leadership @ ZHSS here.

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