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Zhonghua Secondary School - South Zone Centre of Excellence for Science (SZ COE SCIENCE)

  • To promote excellence in teaching and learning of Science by raising the capacity of teachers to engage students through innovative pedagogies
  • To enhance the opportunities for students across all streams and levels to discover the wonders of Science and its applications through experiential and student-centred learning activities
  • To forge strategic partnerships to broaden the Science resource base in the South Zone.


Key Programmes

  • AST/Science Centre Workshops for Professional Development of teachers

Our school as the SZ COE (Science) collaborates with the Master Teachers from the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) to conduct subject-based (Phy/Chem/Bio) workshops or Learning Days for South Zone school teachers. These workshops seek to develop teachers in their pedagogical content knowledge and provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate in developing engaging lessons for students.

The school also facilitates Science Centre workshops for South Zone teachers. These provide platforms for teachers to keep abreast of recent science developments and to adapt these appropriately to their local classroom contexts.

Examples of recent workshops:

Biology Learning Day (AST)

Redefining the Kilogramme (Science Centre)

Teaching of ‘O’ Level Chemical Bonding (AST)

Thematic Approach in the Teaching of Lower Secondary Science (ZHSS)

Measuring of Magnetic Field Strength (Science Centre)

  • Science Research with Science Centre

Students from the STEAM Research Programme who are interested to further their research can do so through the Innovation and Research Programme offered by the Science Centre. These students have an opportunity to work in teams and be mentored by scientists. Research results will then be presented in a biennial science exhibition in Zhonghua.

  • STEM education with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Students from Zhonghua are given opportunities to attend STEM related workshops and exhibitions organised by NYP. These workshops allow students to learn from the STEM projects presented by NYP students and explore a STEM-related education pathway in future.


  • Cradl∑ Research Lecture Series

The school, together with Science Centre Singapore, conducts research lecture series for students. Examples of such workshops include “What Makes a Good Science and Engineering Project?” and “Writing a Scientific Report”. This research lecture series aims to provide students the knowledge to understand the processes and demands of a STEM research project.