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Zhonghua Secondary School - South Zone Centre of Excellence for Science (SZ COE SCIENCE)


  • To enhance the opportunities for students across all streams and levels to discover the wonders of Science and its applications through experiential and student-centred learning activities.
  • To promote excellence in teaching and learning of Science by raising the capacity of teachers to engage students through innovative pedagogies.
  • To forge strategic partnerships to broaden the Science resource base in the SZ.



Key Programmes

  • Courses for professional developmental

SZCOE (Science) collaborated with Master Teachers of Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) to conduct workshops for South Zone Schools to inspire teachers to better their craft as well as to provide insights on how to be a more effective and efficient educator through the use of innovative pedagogies.  The Centre also collaborated with Mr Aniq Ahsan, a research Scientist to conduct content upgrading course for practitioners in Green Energy.

The following workshops were ran in 2017  


Embedding science process skills into End of Course (EOC) practical in Biology

Using diagnostic tools to inform Physics Teaching (Electricity)

Learning to write Data-based Questions (DBQ) workshop

Professional Content Upgrading on Green Energy


  • Collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic

The NYP-ZHSS Science and Technology Research Programme provides a platform to nurture our students’ passion for Science and Technology by  providing them with an opportunity to experience first-hand the research work that real-life scientists do. Students have an opportunity to see how the research work of scientists, coupled with close collaboration between institutions of learning with business and industry, could actually solve real-world problems. The intention of this programme is also to encourage students to see how they can be an agent in making the world a better place through their projects. They will then present the outcome of their projects in the annual Science Symposium.

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  • Co-creation of curriculum with Primary School

The Centre embarked on an innovative approach to collaborate with primary school teachers in the the co-creation of curriculum in the area of “Heat” and “Plant Adaptation”. The secondary school teachers play the role of content expert while the primary school teachers contributed by sharing their insights of the appropriate pedagogical approaches.

  •  Cradl∑ Research Lecture Series


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 The Centre together with  Science Centre Singapore conducted two research lecture series for students of three secondary schools on “What Makes a Good Science and Engineering Project?” and “Writing a Scientific Report” at Zhonghua Secondary School Auditorium. The research lecture series aims to provide students the knowledge to understand the processes and demands of a science and engineering project.

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