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Talent Development Programme (TDP)

Zhonghua Talent Development Programme is a 4-year enriched curriculum customised and differentiated for selected students who show great aptitude, strong interest and motivation in the cognitive domain. Riding on the national push for STEM education, curated programmes are tailored to stretch students for exposure to disciplines and areas of interest in alignment with Zhonghua’s vision of cultivating Scholars ● Leaders.

The Zhonghua TDP aims to:
    1. Provide a more challenging curriculum for higher ability/high potential students,
    2. Set a strong foundation for student success at future national assessment platforms,
    3. Produce students who are Passionate Learners in pursuit of excellence, Independent Learners, and Dynamic and Resilient Leaders with a passion for Innovation.

Sec 1 and 2 students who display strong intellectual and cognitive abilities are identified by using:
    1. Quantitative Results – Assessment Results;
    2. Qualitative Results - Recommendations from Year Head, Form Teachers and Subject Teachers.
Selected students will then go through an interview before confirmation in the programme.

Programmes for TDP students

Students in TDP are given opportunities to be mentored and coached in activities that broaden their learning.

Zhonghua STEAM Research Programme

STEAM represents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) plus the arts – Humanities, Language Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Design Thinking, New Media, Creativity and Communication Skills. This is a milestone programme for TDP, and all TDP students are involved in the year-long STEAM research programme where they are mentored by teachers on projects related to the theme of sustainability and liveability. They will also have the opportunity to take part in the Innovation Programme (IvP) organised by MOE Gifted Education Branch.

The objective of the STEAM Research Programme is to provide an opportunity for selected students to work on real world problems that encourage the application of STEAM skills and knowledge in collaboration with peers. It also aims to equip our students with the necessary tools to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and innovators.

1. Fig. 1 Framework.png

Fig. 1 Framework for STEAM research programme

2. STEAM collage.jpg
External Competitions, Workshops and Learning Journeys

Students in the TDP are stretched through customised developmental programmes e.g. research, competitions, workshops and learning journeys that go beyond the normal curriculum. They are also enrolled in various workshops such as etiquette, interview skills and events planning to equip them with various skill sets to prepare them for the future of work.



Caring For Others

TDP students are continuously encouraged to use and share knowledge learned to benefit others.  TDP students will collaboratively plan and execute VIA projects to contribute to the larger community and show care to others.