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Reflections For Interview Skills Workshop @ Republic Polytechnic

In this workshop, we have learnt how to make good first impressions so that we can communicate better and more politely with others. This is beneficial to our daily lives as with good body language, our social interaction will be more meaningful. In addition, the good body language helps us to remain polite and have good social etiquette so that we can show our respect to others, as well as be respected by others.

We have also learnt certain techniques so that we can make ourselves more presentable and we have also been introduced to techniques that can be used in interviews such that we have a higher chance of success as we can stand out.

Finally, what we liked most about the workshop was that the instructors gave us useful pointers during one-to-one interviews so that we could practise the techniques that we had been taught and try out sample questions so that we are more ready for future interviews.

Celine Gun and Lee Kar Yuan 4E3

The Interview Skills Workshop at Republic Polytechnic was undeniably advantageous and worthwhile. We have learnt a lot about interviews in general, covering every aspect from posture, eye contact, smile and of course, what to say during the interview. This workshop has given us valuable skills that could be used in many situations such as scholarship interviews, job interviews and just about any situation when we want to make a good impression.

We particularly liked the mock interview held at the end of the workshop. It is pointless learning all these skills if we cannot put it into use. Through this mock interview, we learnt how we could improve and actually understand the atmosphere of an interview. Without a doubt, this had helped us link everything we learnt, making it the most crucial part of this workshop.

We have definitely benefited greatly from this workshop, thanks to the instructors at Republic Polytechnic. Equipped with these skills, we’re definitely more prepared for interviews in the future. This workshop had helped us relate to the value of Excellence. We could be good at something but without any way to express ourselves, no one would know how good we can be. We would encourage anyone who gets this opportunity to take it and use it well.

Samuel Koh Sec 3E5 and Ryan Ong Sec 3E3