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Reflections for Learning Journey To National Kidney Foundation

The learning journey to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) was really an eye opener to me. When we visited NKF, we first had a talk about the kidney and the effects of kidney diseases. From here I not only learnt about the many functions of the kidneys, but the suffering of those who had kidney diseases. They had to visit a kidney dialysis center thrice a week for four hours each time or have a tube attached to a membrane near their stomach to perform dialysis at home. This was not only expensive but also life changing, as a possible kidney transplant had a waiting time of nine years. Hearing this did make me pity them and I wanted to do something for them, I wanted to help them. To learn how people were coping with kidney diseases through videos were really inspiring. These people did not give up on themselves and aimed to continue their lives normally. After that, we visited the kidney discovery center to learn about kidney diseases. The exhibits informed us how to prevent kidney diseases through diet and physical health. I always thought that kidney failure was a small thing but through these exhibits did I learn how much people suffered when they had kidney diseases. I want to inform my relatives about kidney diseases because I hope no one in my family to suffer such pain.

Ryan Ong 3E3

After visiting the National Kidney Foundation, I understood the importance of taking care of one's kidneys. Before the visit to the NKF, I had never understood how important one's kidneys were and the problems incurred when the kidneys were damaged. Now, I constantly remind family and friends of the risks and problems encountered when one has kidney failure, like the cost of dialysis treatment, the time consumed and the freedom reduced considerably, and the shocking fact that one can only drink 500ml or water when they have kidney failure, making strenuous physical activity almost impossible. I have been watching my diet more often to avoid getting diabetes or hypertension, the two main causes of kidney failure, and constantly reminding my relatives with diabetes and hypertension to be careful of how they treat their body. In conclusion, the trip to NKF was very educational, and I am glad that I went on this learning journey.

Soh Wendelyn 2E1