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Zhonghua Signature Programmes

  • AEP
  • cross-cultural
    Cross Cultural
  • environment-sustainability
    Environmental Sustainability
  • robotics-computing
    Robotics & Computing
  • data literacy
    Data Literacy
  • steam-research
    STEAM Research

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The Zhonghua Graduate

Our future-ready curriculum and signature programmes equip our students with 21st Century Competencies to prepare them to be scholars and leaders of the future with a heart to lead and serve the community. We believe that the Zhonghua Graduate will be:

A Passionate Learner in Pursuit of Excellence

Zhonghua Secondary School has achieved high value-added academic results over the years. In line with our mission of developing passionate learners, our teachers enact different modes of thinking and inquiry to stretch every student in their pursuit of excellence and to cultivate them as Scholars of the 21st Century.

A Dynamic and Resilient Leader with a Spirit for Innovation

In Zhonghua, we believe that every student can be a Future-Ready Leader. Opportunities are provided at every level for leadership development: class, character and citizenship, co-curricular activities, monitor board and student councillor. Student leaders from Zhonghua are also recognised for their deep sense of service to the community and country.

A Cultured and Caring Citizen with a Global Outlook

Zhonghua students are aesthetically attuned through their deep appreciation of different cultures and art forms such as music, dance and drama. Through the Capacities for Imaginative Learning approach, they are taught how to perceive, question, make connections and construct actions as active participants, and Cultured and Caring Citizens of the 21st century.