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ZHSS Signature Programmes

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The Zhonghua Graduate

Zhonghua’s Future-Ready Curriculum equips our students with 21st Century skills and competencies to prepare them to be Scholars and Leaders of the future.  We believe that  the Zhonghua Graduate will be:

A Passionate Learner in Pursuit of Excellence

Zhonghua Secondary School has achieved high value-added academic results over many years. In line with our mission of developing passionate learners, our teachers enact different modes of thinking and inquiry to stretch every student in their pursuit of excellence and to cultivate them as Scholars of the 21st Century.

Science and Technology Research Education

Key Programmes:

Design Thinking Programme

All our Lower Secondary students go through Design Thinking, a life skill that equips every child with a problem-solving mindset, to come up with innovative solutions in the design of products to meet real-life challenges.  

Science Research Programme

Research mentors in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) provide Zhonghua students with skills and competencies of scientists in conducting research, evaluating data and making evidence based conclusions.  The research areas range from the Life Sciences, Digital and Info Communication Technology, Green and Clean Technology and Engineering.  Our students develop their own portfolios that give them a distinct edge when they apply for science scholarships.  

Robotics & Computing Programme

To ride on the current global wave for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, the school has positioned Robotics and Computing to strengthen the curriculum offering in applied learning. In 2015, the Robotics Module is aligned with the Math curriculum and offered to all Sec 1 students. In 2016, a transdisciplinary approach is used for Robotics to be taught in the context of Math and Science for all Sec 1 and 2 students. Computing shall be offered as a GCE O Level subject in 2017.  

A Dynamic and Resilient Leader with a Spirit for Innovation

In Zhonghua, we believe that every student can be a Future-Ready Leader. Opportunities are given at every level for leadership: class, character and citizenship, co-curricular activities, monitor board and student councillor.  Student leaders from Zhonghua are recognised for their deep sense of service to the community and to the country.


Environmental and Sustainability Education

Key Programmes:

Environmental Programme

Zhonghua students are future-ready when they understand the need for environmental management and sustainable development in businesses and relevant industries. Students reflect and research on the challenges that the world faces from now to 2050: urbanisation, the insatiable demands for energy, climate change, access to clean drinking water, population and green spaces.  They explore green energy and clean technology that can be considered for use by the public as well as take ownership of several waterways across the island by monitoring water quality and the health of our ecosystems. As future leaders in the industry, their knowledge of sustainable practices will allow them to influence tomorrow’s workplace. As agents of change, they will play a critical role in educating others in the role they play to keep green spaces and waters clean.

Student Leadership Programme

The Student Leadership Programme at Zhonghua aims to nurture forward-looking leaders with integrity and commitment to serve the school, the community, and the nation. The development and harnessing of each student’s leadership potential is first and foremost guided by the school’s vision, mission and core values. Tiered leadership training and experiences are provided to level up their competencies and opportunities are given at various platforms in the class and school to demonstrate their leadership. Their development is also evaluated at specific touch points throughout their four or five years spent in Zhonghua. In our docent-ship programme, student leaders lead by sharing their knowledge and experiences with audience of varying profiles, gaining a deeper understanding of diverse subject matter. 

A Cultured and Caring Citizen with a Global Outlook

Zhonghua students are aesthetically attuned through their deep appreciation of Chinese culture and art forms such as music, dance and drama.  Through the Capacities for Imaginative Learning approach, they are taught how to perceive, question, make connections and construct actions as active participants, and Cultured and Caring Citizens of the 21st century.

Glocal Perspectives Education

Key Programmes:

Cross Cultural Programme

As representatives of the school, the community and our country, Zhonghuarians are cultured, caring and global in outlook but with a deep appreciation of their own heritage as participants of our ‘think-global-act-local’ education.  Through immersion in the rich culture of our centennial-old school and our cross cultural programme, they are provided with a plethora of opportunities to engage in a range of cultural activities and taught to juxtapose similar art forms in different cultures through a comparative approach.

AEP Programme

Zhonghua Secondary School is the first co-ed secondary school to offer the MOE Art Elective Programme (AEP). The AEP provides an enriched learning environment for our students to develop their art skills and knowledge, while cultivating in them the attitude to think critically about issues around them and the ability to communicate confidently through their works of art. Our students’ personal viewpoints on relationships, education, technology and the environment are being explored creatively through the use of painting, drawing, installation and other media. AEP is a select programme offered to groom future leaders in the arts.