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Art Elective Programme (AEP)

Zhonghua Secondary School started the first batch of AEP in 2010. Now it is an established AEP school that offers an exciting and rigorous 4-year art programme for our Zhonghuarians. Through contextualised learning experiences, students learn to apply their art skills on real-world issues and situations. This is further underpinned by the theoretical knowledge of the development and roles of art in different contexts of culture and time.

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Annually there are camps, workshops and learning journeys for the AEP students to expose them to the multitude of expressions in the modern and contemporary art. For example, the Sec 1 and Sec 3 AEP students participate in the combined AEP schools workshops to learn new art skills and art forms with their fellow AEP peers. In addition, the Sec 2 AEP students plan art workshops for primary school students and their Sec 1 AEP juniors. This year, Zhonghua Secondary School hosted the Combined Schools Sec 1 AEP workshop in March with our Sec 2 & 3 AEP students as student facilitators.

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In June 2017, the Art Unit arranged a 4D3N Visual Art Trip to Penang for our Sec 3 AEP students. Students had the opportunity to gain insights into different art forms, which help broaden their perspective to art.

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Together with the students from other AEP schools, our students also had the opportunity to exhibit 3 art pieces at the Art Elective Programme Exhibition 2017 titled “What’s going on?” at SOTA Gallery from 17 to 27 August 2017. Our AEP students shared their art pieces and art making processes in the various in-school exhibitions too. For example, the Sec 1 to Sec 3 AEP students showcase their artworks in the annual ‘Pre10’ AEP exhibition, and our annual ‘Expose 90’ Art exhibition features work by our Sec 4 graduates.

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Since 2012, Zhonghua AEP also adopted the Lincoln Centre Education (LCE) approach to develop imaginative capacities in our students. The ten capacities (see below) provide students and teachers with another dimension to understand students’ artistic development over the years. With the support from the National Arts Council (NAC), the school’s practice and customisation of the LCE approach has been endorsed and affirmed by LCE when the LCE artist-instructors from New York in 2013 and 2015 visited the school. More information on their visit in 2015 can be found here.

Lincoln Centre Education: Ten Capacities for Imaginative Learning

Notice Deeply

How many layers of detail can you identify if you take the time? Can you go deeper?


Use your body to explore your ideas.
Try it out.

Pose Questions

What do you wonder?

Identify Patterns

How might different details relate?
Analyse them.

Make Connections

How is this like something else? Make personal, textual, and wider connections.


Can you understand how others think and feel? What are their perspectives?

Live with Ambiguity

What if there is not just one answer? Be patient with complexity.

Create Meaning

Bring together what you’ve thought so far. What new interpretations can you make?

Take Action

What will you choose to do with your ideas? Put them into practice.


Look back on what you’ve experienced. What have you learned? What’s next?

To find out more about the AEP in general, visit the MOE Art Elective Programme website at this URL: