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Cross Cultural Programme

Trip for Internationalization Experience (TIE)
Our Trip for Internationalization Experience (TIE) provides our students with opportunities to experience the cultures of different countries and to engage in comparative studies of these cultures with the aim of broadening their own cultural quotient. Some of the places in China that our students have been to include the Capital City of Beijing, the great industrial centre of Northern China, Shenyang, the rich historical heritage city of Xi’an, and the seaport city of Ningpo. Other areas we have visited in Asia and South East Asia include Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Objectives of Trips for International Experience (TIE) in ZHSS
  1. Develops our students the 21 Century Competencies of global awareness, cross cultural skills and sensitivities
  2. Expose students to Asia and the world and sensitize them to the place of Singapore in the world
  3. Deepen students’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore

In order to achieve the above objectives, the overseas trips are incorporated with the Cross Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment component where students are measured on their Cross Cultural Intelligence for pre-trip, during the trip and post-trip. These measurements allow students to measure their growth in CQ. A customized individual report is given to every student after the trip to inform them of further activities they can engage in to improve their CQ.

All students are engaged in pre-trip preparation where they acquired basic language competency as well as knowledge of the culture, history and tradition of the country they will visit. These overseas trips are intentionally designed to immerse students in cross cultural settings to meet the objectives of TIE. Examples include school visits, marketplace visits and temple visits. Feedback is given by both peers and teachers at every debrief session to ensure rich learning of the country visited, and to also improve on the CQ strategies for future activities.

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Appreciation of Cultures

Through school assembly performances, learning journeys and enrichment courses, we aim to cultivate Zhonghuarians’ interest in and appreciation for various cultures in greater depth. Zhonghuarians will also go through structured cultural modules with programmes such as cultural camps, song-writing, chinese calligraphy and seal carving workshops to immerse themselves in cultural activities.

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