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Student Leadership Development

The Student Leadership Programme @ ZHSS aligns its Student Leadership Vision with that of the school’s vision, such that apart from becoming Scholars, our students are also given ample opportunities to be developed as Dynamic and Resilient Leaders.

Apart from that, the School’s Student Leadership Mission also aims to nurture forward-looking leaders with integrity and commitment to serve the school, the community and the nation. However, this does not happen by chance, and as such the development and harnessing of each child’s leadership potential takes on the following track:
  • Leadership Values, Vision and Mission To Guide The Way
  • Training To Level Up Competencies And Opportunities As A Platform For Demonstration of Mastery
  • Evaluation of Competency And Impact
  • Rewards and Recognition

In addition, each child also goes through the following developmental stages in his or her student leadership journey throughout the 4 or 5 years spent at ZHSS where the trainings and learning experiences vary according to the cohort that the child belongs to.
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3-Tier Student Leadership Approach

Level 1 - Building Personal Leadership & Leading One’s Own Self
Level 2 - Building Inter-Personal Leadership & Leading A Student Group
Level 3 - Building Team Leadership & Leading Across Teams

The student leadership programmes are based on a 3-tier approach, with the first tier being personal leadership, where every Zhonghuarian is capable of personal mastery in the four school values (RICE), guided by the school motto of 礼义廉耻. Training is provided at cohort level for lower secondary students once a year for them to experience the values of personal leadership. Leadership modules in the CCE curriculum further emphasise the importance of personal leadership.

The second tier is inter-personal relationship, where students are given opportunities to lead a student group, e.g. in the CCA, Class Appointment Holders, Student Councillors. Segmented needs training is provided for each of these positions, e.g. Monitor Board training for Monitors at the beginning of the year, training for AV Leaders by Infocomm Club, training of Docents for docent-ship programme, leadership training by UG HQ, leadership training for non-UG leaders organised by the Student Leadership committee.

The top tier focuses on team leadership, where student leaders lead across teams, and are from the EXCOs of the Student Council, Monitor Board, Sports Leaders Board, and CCA. Training is provided on a daily basis and on-the-job. Key student leaders are also sent for external youth leadership conferences (e.g. NextGen Youth Seminar, Hwa Chong Student Leaders Convention, Raffles Institution Lecture Series) to expose them to other student leaders and leadership practices at a national level.

Student leaders are recognised and rewarded for their service through several school-based platforms and awards, and also nationally recognised awards. Some of the examples are:

  • Student Leaders’ Investiture
  • UG Rank Promotion ceremonies
  • Monitor Appointment Ceremonies
  • SAC Outstanding Achievement Awards for CCA
  • SAC Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Alumni Bursary & Scholarship
  • Sheng Peck Choo Scholarship
  • Yap Ee Chian Scholarship

  • Nomination for EAGLES (Edusave Award for Leadership, Achievement and Service)
  • Award of points/levels of attainment for Leadership criterion in LEAPS

External organisations
  • Nomination & selection for NextGen Outstanding Student Leader Award by Marine Parade Leadership Foundation

We would like to reiterate our firm belief, that in ZHSS, every child can be a leader and that their leadership skills will be developed in line with the school’s values of Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Excellence; and the school motto of 礼义廉耻.

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