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To nurture Scholar-Musicians passionate in the pursuit of artistic excellence; dynamic and resilient Servant-Leaders with a passion for musical innovation; cultured and caring citizens with a global outlook in Music and the Arts.   

Key Programme 

The Music Programme seeks to nurture a life-long passion in music through the establishment of key musical ideas and concepts that are core to our discipline that have a lasting value beyond the classroom. The Enduring Understandings that we aim to nurture in our students are as follows:

The Lower Secondary Music Syllabus is offered to Secondary 1 and 2 students. At Secondary 1, students understand and learn about basic elements and concepts of rhythm and harmony through music creation, appreciation and performance. The curriculum culminates in the formation of a collaborative vocal-instrumental band where students create original music and covers of Singaporean songs and songs across different cultures.  

The Music Unit also organises opportunities for students to deepen their learning in music through performance and music creation, both in school and at external events. One in-school platform is the Open Mic performances held during the recess period, with students coming together to collaborate and present music of various genres to their schoolmates, while dedicating messages of gratitude to their peers and teachers. This builds up positivity and confidence in the students, as well as exposes the general school population to more types of music.