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To nurture Scholar-Musicians passionate in the pursuit of artistic excellence; dynamic and resilient Servant-Leaders with a passion for musical innovation; cultured and caring citizens with a global outlook in Music and the Arts.

Strategies and Key Programmes
The Music Programme seeks to nurture a life-long passion in music through the establishment of key musical ideas and concepts that are core to our discipline that have a lasting value beyond the classroom. The Enduring Understandings that we aim to nurture in our students are as follows:

The Lower Secondary Music Syllabus is offered to Secondary 1 and 2 students. At Secondary 1, students understand and learn about basic elements and concepts of rhythm and harmony through music creation, appreciation and performance. The curriculum culminates in the formation of a collaborative vocal-instrumental band where students create original music and covers of Singaporean songs and songs across different cultures.

The Advanced Music Programme is offered to Secondary 1 and 2 students with an interest in pursuing Music at O-Levels and also students from Performing Arts Group (PAG) CCAs. The programme provides an in-depth study of musical theory and musical performance that would help introduce students to the O-Level music syllabus.

The O-Level Music Programme is offered to Zhonghua students who are musically-inclined and committed to an in-depth study of music. The programme aims to help students acquire critical thinking skills and musical creativity through a study of music analysis, composition and performing.