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Physical Education

PE 1.jpgMission
A unit where skilful and mindful PE teachers provide a safe and positive environment; and where opportunity is provided for every student to acquire a physical education necessary for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Scholars and Leaders who are physically active and have a passion to acquire a variety of physical activities for an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Students adopt an active and healthy life style by acquiring basic skills to play at least three games.

Students pass the National Aerobics Physical Fitness Assessment (NAPFA) during Sec 2 and Sec 4/5 through active participation in PE lessons.

Students are confident in adapting to an outdoor environment through a robust outdoor education curriculum.


Strategies and Programmes

Students learn basic skills of two major games per year in their four to five-year stint in Zhonghua Secondary School.

Students monitor their body mass index (BMI) each semester. For students who need help to maintain a healthy BMI, a fitness and conditioning programme is held during the weekly mass PE to help them achieve it.

PE4.jpgStudents are encouraged to adopt an active lifestyle by taking part in unstructured play during recess and after school hours on Tuesday and Thursday. They can loan sports equipment and play in designated PE venues.

Students are trained progressively through physical health and fitness programmes at all levels to help them achieve at least a pass grade in NAPFA.

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During mass PE, students play games they learned in the past semester or past year so as to hone their acquired skills to achieve life-long learning of the games.

Achievements (2015-2017)

  • NAPFA Passes – 82% or more of our students have achieved at least a BRONZE every year. 
  • Sports Participation Index (SPI) – 70% of our pupils are engaged in at least three sports every year. 
  • Healthy BMI – 82% of our students have consistently achieved a healthy BMI every year.
  • B Grade and above in PE – 75% of our students have achieved a B Grade in PE and above every year.