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Student Development

At Zhonghua, we adopt a whole-school approach to the effective promotion of character development of our students. Student Development programmes firmly emphasize the social, moral and emotional development of our students so that they “are passionate learners in pursuit of excellence.” The vision of ‘Scholars ○ Leaders’ encompasses students who are independent learners of exemplary character, integrity and conduct, and who embody the school values – responsibility, integrity, care & excellence.

Student Development Excellence emphasizes the holistic development of the student and is driven by our Character and Citizenship (CCE) framework, guided by and supported by the best practice in student all round development with school management systems like the Student Development Team(SDT), Cohort management, Counselling, Student Leadership, Student management and so forth.

Our school has embarked on Positive Education as our school leaders recognize and respond to the mental health & well-being challenges that the millennium generation face in a changing environment. In the words of authors Anthony Seldon and James O’Shaughnessy, “At the International Positive Education Network, we recognize that young people face unique challenges to their mental health and well-being. To achieve this we need a different approach to education, one that values the development of character and wellbeing as much as intellectual growth and academic achievement. We call this approach positive education.”

When Positive Education is actively applied at the 3 levels “Learn & Live it”, “Teach it” and “Embed it” in synergy, we build a whole-school ecosystem towards well-being and a flourishing community.

Development and enrichment courses are also conducted at the various levels, such as on personal effectiveness, values building, social skills, social etiquette, student leadership programmes which aim at supporting students’ holistic learning. Our Values in action(VIA) programme aims to foster a strong spirit of community service and care for the less-privileged.

Student well-being programmes consider the segmented needs of our students through feedback from engagement sessions like Cohort dialogues, Teacher student-conferencing, FGDs and so on. As such we continually improve the school capability to meet the segmented needs and expectations of our students.

Our Parent Support Group (PSG) has always been highly supportive of the school’s major events, actively participating in many different ways to strengthen the collaboration between the home and the school.

Our character development journey towards excellence continually strives to achieve our vision of “Scholars ○ Leaders”.

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Sec 4 Motivational Camp

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Positive Education – Circle Time

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Class Bonding & Interaction